Gotta Have It

Renee Alexis

ISBN 9781496702838
Publish Date 1/1/2006
Format ePub
Categories AA Romance Erotica

Meet three confident women who know exactly what they want: complete satisfaction. From true men who are every shade of fine and know what to do with it, who can get their freak on and still open their hearts to love. ‘Cause when you want it, when you need it, you gotta have it. . .


Reunited and it feels so good. . .looks like Caroline and Marc have a lot of catching up to do. The man defines the word fly. And their chance encounter at the airport after years apart is a golden opportunity to take each other higher. . .and higher.


Tender touch, anyone? Marlisse, a skilled masseuse, plies her trade near a military base, working out the kinks from all those hot and bothered gentlemen sworn to protect and serve the country. But one gorgeous officer gets her total attention. . .

A Note To Mr. Fine

A class act. That's all-kinds-of-fine Mr. Ford, college instructor. Arlene can't help but fantasize about having private tutorials. And when her sexy story falls into his hands, she may get more than she asked for. . .

"Torrid fun. Have a significant other handy." --Harriet Klausner reviews

About Renee Alexis:

Raised in the cultural district of Detroit, Michigan, Renée Alexis was constantly around the arts and took to writing at an early age. Although the romance genre was not her first choice, reading her first romance novel inspired her to create her own expressive writing ventures. She still resides in Detroit and loves the excitement of urban life.

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(Wednesday, August 9, 2006)
Reviewer: Diana

Gotta Have It made me have to have it. Renee Alexis is great! These three stories made me squirm. I read this book in one day. And I bought

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