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The Witch and Wizard Spellbook

Sirona Knight

ISBN 9780806526843
Publish Date 6/1/2005
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Wicca, Citadel, Wicca
List Price: $12.95

Who hasn’t dreamed of conjuring love, luck, or success with a few magic words and the wave of a wand? If you think this sounds like something out of a storybook, be prepared to open your mind to an exciting new world of possibilities. Because magic is all around you…and it’s yours for the making.

The Witch and Wizard Spellbook is a powerful new collection of spells for the modern-day crafter. Inspired by ancient tools and traditions—but updated with easy-to-find materials and straightforward instructions—this magical gathering of incantations and enchantments is the perfect guide for any practitioner, regardless of skill level. It will show you how to tap into the natural rhythms of the sun and the moon through solar and lunar celebrations. It will put your life in peaceful harmony with the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit—and teach you the amazing secrets of shape-shifters, fortunetellers, and magic circles. But best of all, it will give you the power to enhance and enrich your life through the positive magic you invoke—and the wonderful spells you cast…

  • Summoning Success Spell

  • Luminous Light Spell

  • Wand Magic Spell

  • Trading Places Spell

  • Shape-Shifting and Transformation Spell

  • Sirius Starwalking Spell

  • Better Memories Spell

  • Mind Protection Spell

  • Silence Is Bliss Prosperity Spell

  • Blue Flame Spell

  • Elf Attraction Spell

  • Twinkling Water Sprite Spell

  • Open Opportunity Spell

  • Unicorn Longevity Spell

Plus special sections on * magic stones * magic herbs, flowers, and trees * magic oils * magic colors, crystals, and candles * magic calendar * and a shape-shifting bestiary

Sirona Knight ( is a contributing editor for Magical Blend magazine and the author of more than twenty-four books on magic, including The Witch and Wizard Training Guide, Wiccan Spell a Day, The Wiccan Spell Kit, Love, Sex & Magic, and the award-winning Shapeshifter Tarot. She lives in California.

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