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The Complete Book Of Hold 'Em Poker

Gary Carson

ISBN 9780818406058
Publish Date 3/1/2001
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Citadel, Gambling
List Price: $14.95

Whether you're a novice player or a seasoned veteran, The Complete Book of Hold 'Em Poker can help improve your game. Valuable advice covers what to expect on a first visit to a card game; how to select the right table; how to adjust to changes in table conditions; and how to evaluate a pre-flop hand—the four most asked topics about Hold 'Em Poker in Internet poker chat rooms. Every aspect of Hold 'Em is covered here, from the basics to more esoteric issues such as: Bettering Theory: The Odds; Table Image; Spread Limit Games; Kill Games; Tournaments; and Playing for a Living.

As Hold 'Em has explored in popularity, it has become more strategically complex. You'll learn how strategies in Hold 'Em vary with the style of the game—for instance, the tactics used in the tight Las Vegas games are not the same as these used in the very loose and aggressive games of southwest Louisiana. You'll need different approaches, and here you'll learn how to develop a dynamic playing style that can be adapted to the complete range of table conditions.

Also stressed is the importance of knowing yourself, and treating poker as a means to self-discovery, which can lead to better play and more wins.

Gary Carson has been writing about poker and thoroughbred handicapping since 1984. He has contributed numerous articles to Card Player magazine, American Turf Monthly, and Racing Star Weekly. He lives in Austin, Texas.

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