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Italian Pride

Stephen Moramarco

ISBN 9781559725125
Publish Date 1/1/2001
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Citadel
List Price: $14.95

101 reasons to be proud you’re Italian

Federica Moramarco is the editor of Poetry International, published by San Diego State University, where he is an English professor. He has collected recipes in Italy for The Heal Of The Boot: The Fabulous Food Of Apulia. His son and Coauthor, Stephen Moramarco, is a playwright, songwriter, and essayist who lives in Brooklyn, New York.

About Stephen Moramarco:

Stephen Moramarco is a writer, actor, director, and musician—and lover of food. He is honored to have been able to work closely with his father on this book, learning the family recipes, discovering new dishes, and discovering his "inner chef." He lives in California.

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