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Hell's Angels

Yves Lavigne

ISBN 9780818405143
Publish Date 9/1/2000
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Misunderstood folk heroes?
Crafty entrepreneurs?
Or just a bunch of decadent criminals?

In Hell's Angels: “Three Can Keep A Secret If Two Are Dead,” respected Canadian journalist Yves Lavigne takes you deeper into the world of the modern motorcycle gang than any journalist has dared—or could stand—to go. Not since Hunter Thompson's Hell's Angels: A Strange And Terrible Saga Of The Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs appeared in 1967 has there been such a thorough account.

This book documents the gang's bumpy ride from its origins as a Stateside club for World War II fighter pilots, to its freewheeling terror tactics of the early sixties, to its absurd flirtation with the hippie scene, to its ultimate search for a legitimate role in the contemporary world of organized crime.

The Angles' old-boy network has become the most dominant and feared of all biking clubs—and they are trading in their Harleys, switchblades and leather for Jaguars, Uzis and business suits. The Hell's Angels are now one of the most powerful underground organizations in North America, rivaling even the Mafia.

But the Hell's Angels' new direction has come with no sparing of blood. Territorial wars and retaliatory violence overwhelm club activity as chapters vie for the lucrative profits of drug trafficking and prostitution. Murder within the club has taken its toll on club morale and camaraderie. Chased by fear, some members have traded police protection for testimony against fellow Angels. The image of the long-haired, bearded, tattooed biker astride his Harley is outdated.

This is a bold book, with stories that will amuse you, shock you, sometimes turn your stomach—and leave no doubt as to the origin of the Angels' motto:

“Three can keep a secret if two are dead.”

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