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The House on Harbor Hill

Shelly Stratton

ISBN 9781496711175
Publish Date 3/27/2018
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Fiction, Dafina
List Price: $15.95

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She's generous, kind, and compassionate—yet Delilah Grey will forever be an outcast in the small seaside town of Camden Beach, Maryland. She takes in women shattered by abuse, poverty, illness, or events beyond their control. But no matter how far she's come or how many she's helped find their way back, there is no safe place for Delilah. Acquitted of her rich husband's mysterious death decades ago, she lives in her beautiful mansion consumed by secrets—and mistakes she feels she can never atone for. . . . Until she takes in desperate mother Tracey Walters and her two young children.


Tracey won't say where she's from or what sent her into hiding. But her determination and refusal to give up reminds Delilah of the spirited, hopeful girl she once was—and the dreams she still cherishes. As Tracey takes tentative steps to rebuild her life, her unexpected attraction to Delilah's handsome, troubled caretaker inadvertently brings Delilah face to face with the past. And when Tracey's worst fears come brutally calling, both women must find even more strength to confront truths they can no longer ignore—and at last learn how to truly be

free . . .



Resonant, moving, and unforgettable, <I>The House on Harbor Hill </I>paints an unforgettable portrait of two women struggling to forgive themselves, take a chance on change, and challenge each other to finally live. <P><P>




“A heartfelt story about the power of forgiveness, redemption, and finding grace in unexpected places.” --Maureen Leurck, author <I>Cicada Summer</I>

About Shelly Stratton:

Shelly Stratton is an award-winning journalist who earned her degree at the University of Maryland, College Park. Another Woman’s Man, her novel written under the pseudonym Shelly Ellis, was nominated for a 2014 NAACP Image Award. A film buff and amateur painter, she lives with her husband not far from Washington, D.C. Visit her online at

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The House on Harbor Hill (Sunday, April 8, 2018)
Reviewer: Patricia Wiessner

Shelly Stratton does it again....With this book you will touch the heart of many....the struggles of life are real and you have heartfully touched so many challenges that are a part of so many peoples lives. You are an extraordinary insightful writer ....once you pick this book up all you can do is keep reading...KUDOS

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