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Do Not Open 'Til Christmas: Evergreen Lane Novels #3

Sierra Donovan

ISBN 9781420141528
Publish Date 9/26/2017
Format Paperback
Categories Contemporary, Zebra, Bouquet
List Price: $7.99

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What happens when a Scrooge-like boss and a determined young woman have to work together during the holidays? A Christmas of surprises . . .

Bret Radner once dreamed of being a hard-hitting journalist, exposing corruption and writing Pulitzer-winning pieces. But heart-tugging circumstances kept him at the Tall Pine Gazette, where small town life, new neighbors, and human interest stories are the news. In charge for the entire holiday season, Bret is determined to run the newsroom right. Yet with a too-pretty rookie reporter to train, he finds himself challenged on just about everything . . .

A waitress at the Pine ‘n’ Dine restaurant, freelance reporter Chloe Davenport finally gets her big chance to work full-time for the Gazette. But proving herself to her handsome boss won’t be easy. He turns down all her holiday-themed stories and, in fact, doesn’t seem to like Christmas at all. Yet the closer Chloe works with Bret, the more she realizes that his tough exterior conceals a hidden hurt . . . and a heart she wants to fill with glad tidings of great joy—for many seasons to come . . .

“Sierra Donovan captures the magic of Christmas in this charming and romantic tale. I smiled the entire time I was reading it!” --Shirlee McCoy on We Need a Little Christmas

About Sierra Donovan:

Sierra Donovan is a wife, a mother of two and a writer, though not always in that order. Her greatest joy is helping people find true love on the printed page. She believes in classic movies, Christmas, happy endings, and the healing power of chocolate. Sierra's first novel, Love On The Air, was a Holt Medallion finalist. Her Kensington debut, No Christmas Like The Present, won the Golden Quill for Sweet Traditional Romance. Her series of Evergreen Lane novels consists of Do You Believe In Santa?, a finalist for the SnowGlobe Award, and We Need A Little Christmas. You can email Sierra at, or visit her website at

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