Return to Shepherd Avenue: Shepherd Avenue #2

Charlie Carillo

ISBN 9781516102556
Publish Date 6/6/2017
Format ePub
Categories Fiction General, Lyrical Press
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Car horns blared below, but I didn't look down. I had no particular fear of heights, but I'm a clumsy man even on flat ground, and the last thing I needed was any kind of distraction.

When the wind gusted I hugged the cable and waited for it to die down. The cable seemed to stretch straight into the clouds, but I knew that was an illusion. All I had to do was keep moving, and I would get there.

Now a helicopter hovered overhead and I knew it was a news copter, recording live shots of the deranged bridge guy. Was I a jumper, or just a climber? They'd know soon enough.

A hard voice of authority from behind—just the word "Hey!" I peeked back through the gap under my arm, like a jockey checking for rival horses, and saw four cops on the cable, inching their way toward me.

“A superb comic novelist . . . hilarious and truthful.” —Sally Jenkins

Acclaimed author Charlie Carillo revisits Shepherd Avenue, the novel that sparked his career, in a witty, moving story about growing older and (sometimes) growing up . . .

For the second time in a few weeks, Joey Ambrosio has done something reckless. The first incident—climbing to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge to scatter his father’s remains—earned him newspaper headlines and court-ordered therapy. This time, he’s doing something arguably even more dangerous: buying his grandparents’ old house in the rough Brooklyn neighborhood where he spent an idyllic summer half a century ago.

With boarded up stores and bars on every window, Shepherd Avenue sure isn’t the way it used to be. Then again, neither is Joey. In 1961, he was a newly motherless kid trying to find his way. Now a successful children’s book author estranged from his grown daughter, he’s viewed with suspicion by his new neighbors—and with amusement by the beautiful Puerto Rican laundress across the street. Amongst the colorful misfits of his past and present he’s hoping to heal old wounds, forge new bonds, and figure out what exactly brought him back here . . . and how, at last, to move on.

Praise for Charlie Carillo and Shepherd Avenue
An American Library Association Notable Book of the Year

“An excellent writer and a marvelous storyteller. . . . He creates a special world on Shepherd Avenue that I loved to enter and hated to leave.” –Ferrol Sams

About Charlie Carillo:

Queens-born Charlie Carillo was a reporter and a columnist for the New York Post before becoming a producer for the TV show “Inside Edition.” His first novel, Shepherd Avenue, was named a Notable Book of the Year by the American Library Association in 1986. He is also the author of My Ride with Gus, Raising Jake, One Hit Wonder, Found Money, God Plays Favorites and The Man Who Killed Santa Claus: A Love Story.

Charlie now divides his time between New York City and London, England, where he works as an independent television producer. He is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post. Visit his website at charliecarillo.co.

Photo Credit: Kim Carillo

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