Where the Sweet Bird Sings: A Novel

Ella Joy Olsen

ISBN 9781496705655
Publish Date 8/29/2017
Format ePub
Categories Fiction General, Fiction Women, Kensington Ebooks
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In this provocative new novel, the author of Root, Petal, Thorn offers a powerful story of resilience, hope, and the secrets that, no matter how deeply hidden, can shape and ultimately unite a family. What connects us to one another? Is it shared history? Is it ancestry? Is it blood? Or is it love?

People respond to tragedy in different ways. Some try to move on. Some don’t move at all. A year after her young son’s death due to a rare genetic disease, Emma Hazelton is still frozen by grief, unable and unwilling to consider her husband Noah’s suggestion that they try to have another child.

As the future Emma once imagined crumbles, her family’s past comes into sharp relief. Searching for the roots of her son’s disease, Emma tries to fit together the pieces in her genealogical puzzle. Hidden within an old wedding photograph of her great-grandparents is an unusual truth Emma never guessed at—a window into all the ways that love can be surprising, generous, and fiercely brave . . . and a discovery that may help her find her own way forward at last.

Praise for Root, Petal, Thorn

Root, Petal, Thorn mixes history and genealogy into a believable novel.” --RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars Top Pick

“Olsen’s ambitious debut is full of heart and hope.” --Lynda Cohen Loigman, author of The Two-Family Home

“Five women. Five complicated lives. One house where they all live over a period of one hundred years. In this story, the walls talk. Wonderful, compelling saga!” --Cathy Lamb, author of My Very Best Friend and The Language of Sisters

About Ella Joy Olsen:

Ella Joy Olsen lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, in a century old brick bungalow with her husband and three children. She has spent nearly a decade on the Board of Directors for the Salt Lake City Public Library system (and even more years browsing the stacks), and is a member of Women's Fiction Writers and the best book club ever, (SLC Bibliophiles). Visit her website at ellajoyolsen.com, follow her on Twitter at @ellajoyolsen, and find her on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Annabelle Olsen

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