The House on Honeysuckle Lane: An Oliver's Well Novel #2

Mary McDonough

ISBN 9780758293527
Publish Date 9/27/2016
Format ePub
Categories Fiction General, Fiction Women, Kensington Ebooks
List Price: $7.99

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Mary McDonough welcomes readers back to the small town of Oliver’s Well, Virginia, in a story of holiday and homecoming, as three siblings gather for a Christmas that brings unexpected gifts.

Even in picturesque Oliver’s Well there’s something special about the Reynolds house on Honeysuckle Lane. Sturdy yet graceful, it’s where Andie, Emma, and Daniel Reynolds grew up—before they began to grow apart. Now, the first reunion since their mother’s death will reunite them once more.

For Danny, it’s a chance to relive cherished holiday traditions before finally settling their parents’ estate. But readying the house for sale proves no easy task when every moment together stirs up the past. Andie, the oldest, didn’t just leave home years ago, she left her young daughter too. Though she’s found fulfillment and fame, coming back shakes her equilibrium. Middle child Emma struck out on her own instead of accepting her father’s offer to share his business. Yet now she finds herself wondering if it’s possible to start over.

The house on Honeysuckle Lane contains a lifetime of joys and dreams, and its share of regrets too. This Christmas, it will be where Andie, Emma, and Danny remember, laugh, fight, plan—and find their way forward as a family again.

Praise for Mary McDonough’s One Year

“A warm, heartfelt novel about what it means to belong to a family. You won't want to put it down.” --Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times bestselling author of A Lowcountry Wedding

“A heartfelt, charming story.” –Library Journal

About Mary McDonough:

Mary McDonough starred as Erin on the award winning television series, The Waltons, for nine years, as well as in the made-for-TV reunion movies that followed. She wrote and directed the award winning film For the Love of May and continues to act on stage and screen. She is also the author of the novel One Year and the memoir Lessons from the Mountain: What I Learned from Erin Walton. Mary was the founding president of LUPUS LA, and created InTheKnow to raise awareness about women’s health issues. She currently lives in Colorado with her husband. Readers can visit her website at marymcdonough.com.

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