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The Language of Sisters

Cathy Lamb

ISBN 9780758295101
Publish Date 8/30/2016
Format Trade Paperback
Categories General, Women's Fiction, Kensington
List Price: $15.00

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Family Secrets

Do you think your mother has a secret?

What about your father?

The Language of Sisters is about Alexei and Svetlana Kozlovsky who barely escaped with their lives, and the lives of their children, in 1985, from the Soviet Union.

It’s about the secrets they thought were buried forever in the frozen snow, thousands of miles away. They did what they had to do, but now one secret is chasing them down.

It’s about their three daughters, and their son, and a truly funny, semi – crazy, eccentric, extended Russian American family.

If your family is the same, you might relate to this story.

Toni Kozlovsky lives on a tugboat in the Willamette River in Oregon. She needed space to breathe.

Her sister, Ellie, can’t breathe and has to hold a paper bag over her face when she even thinks about getting married to her fiancé, Gino.

Their sister, Valerie, is a tough prosecuting attorney. She sometimes makes it hard for the people around her to breathe.

Together, the three of them can sometimes hear each other in their heads. It’s a big of magic I threw in because I think we all need a slice of magic in our lives, don’t we?

Their brother, Dmitry, is haunted by visions of a butterfly, a blue door, wooden ducks, and blood. Where did those memories come from? Where did he come from?

The irrepressible twins in this huge family make creative lingerie for strippers. A cousin has a deep love of opera, cries every time he attends, and steals cars on the side. Another cousin owns a hair salon and sometimes yells at her customers, “What in heck happened to you? Did you stick your hair in a blender on high?” Yet another cousin is a brilliant actress and a hilarious hypochondriac who knows about bacteria like no other.

The Language of Sisters is about a family. They’re a mess. They love each other. They laugh a lot.

They are the Kozlovskys.

And, it’s about secrets.

Don’t worry! We won’t ask you about yours…

From acclaimed author Cathy Lamb comes a warm and thoughtful novel about the secrets that can break or unite a family—and the voices that resonate throughout our lives...

Toni Kozlovsky can’t explain how she knows exactly what her sisters are feeling—only that the connection seems to happen out of the blue, just when they need it most. Since Toni, Valerie, and Ellie were little girls growing up in Communist Russia, their parents have insisted it’s simply further proof that the Kozlovskys are special and different.

Now a crime and justice reporter, Toni lives on a yellow tugboat on Oregon’s Willamette River. As far as her parents are concerned, the pain of their old life and their dangerous escape should remain buried in the Moscow they left behind, as should the mysterious past of their adopted brother, Dmitry. But lately, Toni’s talent for putting on a smile isn’t enough to keep memories at bay.

Valerie, a prosecuting attorney, wages constant war against the wrongs she could do nothing about as a child. Youngest sister Ellie is engaged to marry an Italian, breaking her mother’s heart in the process. Toni fears she’s about to lose her home, while the hard edged DEA agent down the dock keeps trying to break through her reserve. Meanwhile, beneath the culture clashes and endearing quirks within her huge, noisy, loving family are deeper secrets that Toni has sworn to keep—even from the one person she longs to help most.

As poignant as it is humorous, The Language of Sisters explores the echoes of the past that can cling to the present—and how love, laughter, and family can rescue us time and again.

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About Cathy Lamb:

Cathy Lamb, the author of Julia’s Chocolates, The Last Time I Was Me, and Henry’s Sisters, lives in Oregon. She is married with three children. She writes late at night when it's just her and the moon and a few shooting stars.

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