Phantom Embrace: Immortal Guardians

Dianne Duvall

ISBN 9781420143539
Publish Date 6/28/2016
Format ePub
Categories Romance Paranormal, Kensington Ebooks
List Price: $1.99

Across dimensions . . .

A gifted one, Yuri Sokolov was born with the ability to see spirits, but he knows better than to make contact with them. Yet he’s never seen one as lovely as Cat Seddon, the woman who haunts his home and his dreams. But amid their star-crossed love, a new danger may have Yuri facing a different kind of eternity.

“Book after book, Duvall brings her readers complex, fascinating tales of romance, danger and loyalty.” —RT Book Reviews

“The Immortal Guardians series is one you’ll want to follow.” —The Romance Review

“These dark, kick-ass guardians can protect me any day!” —Alexandra Ivy on Darkness Dawns

“Readers will appreciate the rich characterizations and kick-butt action of Duvall’s In Still Darkness.” —Publishers Weekly

About Dianne Duvall:

Dianne Duvall earned a BA in English from the University of St. Thomas (Houston) and currently lives in Texas with her husband. Information on her books and the latest news can be found on her website.

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