Her Australian Hero: The Australians #1

Margaret Way

ISBN 9781601837646
Publish Date 6/21/2016
Format ePub
Categories Romance Contemporary, Lyrical Shine, Fresh Voices, New Series
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My warmest greetings to my much valued long time readership and welcome hopefully to a new audience. Where would writers be without our readership? Sobbing into our pillows when we should be fast asleep? “Teasers” are within my repertoire so I’m now going to tell you a little more about my new book in the series, His Australian Heiress.

The title will give you all the clues you need. Along the way in life we learn money is considered the root of all evil. Didn’t St. Paul warn Timothy in one of his epistles? The great American writer F. Scot Fitzgerald of The Great Gatsby fame once observed the rich are different to you and me. Paul Getty even said if you know how much money you had you weren’t rich at all. I certainly know how much money I have. I bet you do too. Balancing the budget has been known to make my knees buckle. Yet the rich, the middle income earners and the battling families have one thing in common. Money has a strong bearing on how we all behave. Money causes alienation. The haves and the have-nots tear families apart.

Solicitors dread reading the gut churning wills of their late rich clients. My own solicitor told me that for a fact. Persons who confidently expect to be the main beneficiary miss out on the plum prize with the rug torn unceremoniously from out under their feet. Fury fills the air. The heroine of His Australian Heiress Charlotte Mansfield at the age of seventeen graduating from High School for University out of the blue inherits the bulk of her powerful autocratic grandfather when she had thought herself bottom of the league. Her parents had tragically been killed in a car crash when Charlotte was twelve. The family had reason to believe the couple could have been having a heated argument causing Charlotte’s beloved father Christopher, to lose control of his high powered car on a mountain road. The grief stricken Charlotte is left with her extremely busy grandfather and her uncle Conrad, her father’s younger brother, his wife, Patricia and their insufferable son, Simon.

All three are shattered Conrad has been bypassed although they all receive a handsome legacy which could enable them to twiddle their thumbs if they so chose. Conrad is an acclaimed author with no business skills like his late brother, the apple of his father’s eye. The ability to make lots of money isn’t handed down automatically from generation to generation. Charlotte, however, had been blessed with a sharp brain and a steely determination to succeed in her own right. She is also a philanthropist by nature believing the rich should contribute to the welfare of society. Until she turns twenty one Charlotte’s inheritance is administered by Sir Hugo Macmillan, her late grandfather’s lifelong friend and partner in their blue chip legal firm. Charlotte’s great ally from childhood is Brendon Macmillan a formidable young lawyer who is confidently expected to take silk and become a Queen’s Counsel within a year or two so swiftly has he made his mark.

Brendon is handsome, clever, a man of high principles embracing compassion, generosity and decency. He is very protective of Charlotte who he has always regarded as his super bright, brave, resilient “little cousin” Although Brendon is member of a wealthy establishment family Charlotte’s hostile family see him as a fortune hunter. It would be a huge feather in Brendon Macmillan’s cap to win the hand of the beautiful young heiress. Brendon however is overly scrupulous. He fights his growing increasingly powerful sexual attraction to his “little cousin” who overnight has turned into a fascinating woman and one to be reckoned. Little does he know Charlotte has already made up her mind. Brendon is the one man she deems eminently suitable to be by her side. Better yet she’s been madly in love with him for yonks even if she made sure he didn’t know until the time was right. The time is right now. A marriage will unite the families of Mansfield/Macmillan.

With her locked away childhood memories starting to vibrate in her mind and with Brendon’s help Charlotte is able to unravel the mysteries of who really wrote Uncle Conrad’s masterpiece, Cries Of The Heart and who in the family had caused so much harm to her parent’s once blissful marriage, thus contributing to the final tragic outcome.

I must tell you, dear readers, dysfunctional families have provided me with the background for many of my books. I think of the entire subject as a bottomless well I can always dip into. I truly hope you enjoy His Australian Heiress as much as I enjoyed writing it.

With love from Down Under
Margaret Way

“If you’ve never read Margaret Way before, you’re in for a treat.” —New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer

An epic tale of modern day Australia, where greed, desire, tragedy, and ambition collide . . .

Alexandra Ross has always known Lavender Hill will be hers one day. The grand old house, with its waving jacaranda fronds circling around it like a canopy against the white-hot Australian sun. The acres of orchards, trees heavy with sweet-smelling mangoes and prickly pink lychee. The rushing emerald creek that claimed her brother’s life; the genteel boudoir where her mother died of grief, gin, and stroke. Even the quad bike her bullheaded father uses to tear around the plantation like a teenager, as his covetous young wife plays tea party with Alex’s mother’s favorite china.

Someday Alex will undo her father’s blunders and be the good neighbor her childhood friend Rafe Rutherford deserves. The yearning she feels for Rafe can never overcome the heartbreak they’ve lived through together, but at least she will have his companionship.

Until her father is killed and the plantation is divided. If she wants to keep the land she loves Alex must break free of guilt and hesitation. And once she begins to fight for what her heart desires, there’s no telling where she’ll stop . . .

About Margaret Way:

USA Today bestselling author Margaret Way has written more than 130 books, many of them International Bestsellers. She has been published in 114 countries and 34 languages. Her novels are set in her beloved Australia, where she was born and lives to this day. Her stories always contain the beauty and rugged nature of the rural and Outback Australia, as well as the rainforests and coral reefs of Northern Queensland.

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