The Sunshine Killers

Giles Tippette

ISBN 9781601838124
Publish Date 6/7/2016
Format ePub
Categories Western, Lyrical Press
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Acclaimed western storyteller Giles Tippette brings his unique brand of justice and revenge to the Arizona territories . . .

When a man of few words rides into town, his shirt soaked with blood from the bullet still lodged in his side, the people of Sunshine, Arizona, don’t exactly open their doors to the stranger. Saulter’s not looking for trouble, just a place to rest up and heal. But Sunshine's not as warm as the name suggests, and neither are the locals—they intend to kill the U.S. President. And Saulter’s presence is very much in the way . . .

Praise for Giles Tippette and The Bank Robber

“Like True Grit . . . a small masterpiece . . . brilliantly written.” —Newark News

“Spine-jarring, bullet-biting intensity.”—Houston Post

“Tough, gutsy, and fascinating.”—NY Newsday

“Impressive authenticity.”—Booklist

About Giles Tippette:

A lifelong Texan, Giles Tippette was a rodeo cowboy (the basis for his 1972 novel The Brave Men), owned a gold mine, worked as a mercenary pilot (which inspired his acclaimed 1975 novel The Mercenaries), and as columnist for Sports Illustrated and Texas Monthly.

He turned to writing westerns in the 1970s and quickly developed a loyal following. His 1971 western, The Bank Robber, was made into the 1974 movie The Spikes Gang, starring Lee Marvin and Ron Howard. When asked if he enjoyed the movie version of his novel, Tippette commented, “I don’t know. I didn’t see it.”

His other westerns include The Sunshine Killers (optioned by Clint Eastwood), The Texas Bankrobbing Company, Bad News, Jailbreak, Cherokee, Crossfire, Dead Man’s Poker, Gunpoint, Hard Luck Money, Hard Rock, Heaven’s Gold, Sixkiller, The Horse Thieves, Southwest of Heaven, and the popular Wilson Young series, which included Wilson’s Choice, Wilson’s Gold, Wilson’s Revenge, and Wilson’s Woman.

Mystery Scene magazine said of Tippette’s work, “He writes crime novels set in the Wild West. His books are gritty, violent, and show the American west in all its harsh beauty.”

Mr. Tippette passed away in 2001 and, per his last request, was cremated and had his ashes spread over his first love, West Texas.

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