On The Hunt: The Sentinels

Alexandra Ivy

ISBN 9781420143409
Publish Date 5/10/2016
Format ePub
Categories Romance Paranormal, Kensington Ebooks
List Price: $1.99

Previously published in On the Hunt

Faster, stronger, and more lethal than any human, the hunter Sentinels move freely through the world—and no one, no matter how powerful, wants to attract their attention…

Mika Tanner has loved Bailey Morrell, a beautiful Healer, since childhood. But his duty as a Sentinel, a supernatural guardian of an ancient race, clashed with her rebellious spirit. Now a dangerous new anarchist group not only threatens life as they know it—but any chance of their being together again...

“An exciting and sizzling new paranormal romance series.” --RT Book Reviews

About Alexandra Ivy:

Alexandra Ivy is the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of romantic suspense, paranormal and erotic romance. She has also written Regency historicals under the name Deborah Raleigh. A five-time RT Book Award Finalist, Ivy has received much acclaim for her Guardians of Eternity, ARES Security, Immortal Rogues and Sentinels series. She lives with her family in Missouri and can be found online at AlexandraIvy.com.


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Trust Your Instincts! (Saturday, April 30, 2016)
Reviewer: Kathy Jund

First in a new series by Alexandra Ivy! ARES Security. Rafe Vargas, a covert ops specialist now stateside and the four men that he calls his brothers are determined to start their own security business. While they will make their base in Texas, Rafe has to travel to Iowa and deal with the detritus his grandfather left behind in his passing, long estranged from his son and grandson, only the thought of finding something of value barely makes it worth the trouble. Small towns, everyone knows your business and memories are long, the looks Rafe receives especially from the Sheriff certainly aren't welcome, but the looks from the women are a different story. A young woman with a haunting disposition catches Rafe's attention and his knight in shining armor/save the damsel in distress instinct kicks in. To find out she's the daughter of a serial killer who struck fear in this town and the approach of the fifteenth anniversary of the last murder committed, followed by the subsequent suspicious death the day he was captured while in custody is disconcerting enough. Annie White has been gone from Newton, Ohio for fifteen years, but cannot explain the compelling need to return. Well actually she can, because Annie White knows the murders are happening again, she can see them! This time she is determined she can bring and end to them.

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