The First Mountain Man: Blood on The Divide

William W. Johnstone

ISBN 9780786039005
Publish Date 5/31/2016
Format ePub
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The Greatest Western Writer Of The 21st Century

This second book in William W. Johnstone classic The First Mountain Man series finds Preacher leading a wagon train of settlers into the Rockies—straight into dangerous, lawless territory. Low on supplies and spirits, the settlers are soon trapped on the Continental Divide in a blinding blizzard. Just when things become impossibly dire, Preacher and his party find themselves at the mercy of the vicious and blood-drunk Pardee brothers. Hurtling into the fray is a marauding band of Utes. It’s a hopeless situation for any common gunfighter—but the legend of Preacher will be built one bullet after another . . .

About William W. Johnstone:

Just to give you a brief rundown on who William W. Johnstone is, here are the basic facts. He was born in Southern Missouri, the youngest of four kids. His father was a minister and his mother was a schoolteacher.

He quit school when he was fifteen and joined a carnival after getting kicked out of the FFL (for being underage), but he went back and finished high school in 1957. After that he worked as a deputy sheriff, did a hitch in the army, came back and went into radio broadcasting, where he worked for sixteen years.

Johnstone started writing in 1970, but he didn't get published until late 1979. He has written almost a hundred books including the best-selling Ashes series and the Mountain Man series. He began writing full-time in the early 1980s and hasn't stopped since. His first published book was THE DEVIL'S KISS and his favorite, so far, is THE LAST OF THE DOG TEAM.

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