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No Safe Secret

Fern Michaels

ISBN 9781617734601
Publish Date 3/29/2016
Format Hardcover
Categories General, Fern Michaels, Kensington

In her powerful new novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels weaves a story of betrayal, courage, and starting over…

From her silver Mercedes to her designer kitchen, Molly's life is gleaming and beautiful--at least on the surface. Married to Tanner, a top cosmetic dentist, she has a wonderful daughter finishing high school and twin stepsons from Tanner's first marriage. No one in her exclusive neighborhood in Goldenhills, Massachusetts, knows what living with the demanding Tanner is really like. They know even less about the life she left behind in Florida almost two decades ago.

Back then, Molly was Maddy Carmichael, living with her twin brother and neglectful mother in a run-down trailer park amid the orange groves of Florida. After the terrible events of her high school prom night--and the act of vengeance that followed--she fled north and reinvented herself. But the veneer of Molly's polished existence is finally cracking.

As secrets old and new are revealed, Molly must face painful truths and the choices she made in their wake--and find the strength to become the woman she once hoped to be.

About Fern Michaels:

Upside Down
Take Down

Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines a biography this way: A biography is the written history of a person's life. Fern Michaels isn't a person. Fern Michaels is what I DO. Me, Mary Ruth Kuczkir. Growing up in Hastings, Pennsylvania, I was called Ruth. I became Mary when I entered the business world where first names were the order of the day. To this day, family and friends call me Dink, a name my father gave me when I was born because according to him I was `a dinky little thing' weighing in at four and a half pounds. However, I answer to Fern since people are more comfortable with a name they can pronounce.

I've been telling stories and scribbling for twenty-five years. I hope I can continue for another twenty-five years. It wasn't easy during some of those years. As I said, I had to persevere. My old Polish grandmother said something to me when I was little that I never forgot. She said when God is good to you, you have to give back. For a while I didn't know how to do that. When I finally figured it out I set up The Fern Michaels Foundation. The foundation allows me to grant four year scholarships to needy, deserving students. I then went a step further and opened pre-school and day care centers with affordable rates for single moms who are having a hard time of it. Doing Fern Michaels allows me to do this and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God for being so good to me. I don't know what I'm the most proud of, the books I write, the scholarships, the pre-schools or the fact that I put my kids through college on my own with no help from anyone. Probably the latter because when all else is said and done, the only thing that matters is family.

Is Fern Michaels a great writer. No. She is however, one hell of a story teller. When people ask me what I do, I say, "I scribble and tell stories." It's a great way to make a living. The Dutch have a saying, `If you can't whistle on your way to work, you don't belong in that job.' I whistle all day long.

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no safe secret (Tuesday, March 15, 2016)
Reviewer: jbarr5

No Safe Secret by Fern Michaels
Book starts out with Maddie and she and her twin and mother live in FL. It's her senior prom and she's all dressed up and dances getting into the spirit of it all.
Things don't go according to plan and she's dragged to the bleachers....the details are fuzzy in her head as she leaves town with all the money she has in her pocket.
Chapters alternate to her now present life-as Molly and she had married a dentist and raised his twin boys and their daughter in MA. She's got such high quality all around her-her house, cars, even her dress.
In her new life we also find out how they met and the deal he made. There are also glimpses of her past-love the part about Christmas cookies and decorations-fond memories for me also.
There is a dark side to this book and she feels it any time she doesn't live up to his expectations and they are high. Along with drinking and the boys behavior towards her, and their drug issues it's a wonder she survives at all.
Key secret is with her always, every place she goes and I have a feeling she will bring it out in the open to get revenge of the past who did her wrong.
Very hard time putting this one down to do chores! Like where this book leads to... very powerful read!
Amazes me how the author can get this story out there with so few pages and it means something.
I received this book from The Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest review.

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