What Lurks Beneath

Ryan Lockwood

ISBN 9780786032907
Publish Date 5/26/2015
Format ePub
Categories Fiction General, Thriller/Suspense
List Price: $7.99

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From the acclaimed author of Below comes a new breed of terror that rises from the depths of the ocean. To hunt. To devour. To kill.

The first attack occurrs in the underwater caverns of the Bahamas. Two professional divers exploring the unknown. A monstrous flesh-ripping predator they never see coming.

Now the attacks are coming closer and closer to shore. A sun-soaked playground for sea-loving tourists. A human feasting ground for whatever lurks beneath.

Now, in a desperate race against time, Eric Watson, an expert on remote control underwater vehicles, and marine biologist Valerie Martell, must identify a savage new species of killer--and piece together one of nature's most horrific mysteries. But the most terrifying discovery of all waits for Val and her team at the bottom of the sea. A discovery too shocking, to comprehend.

Because up till now, this creature existed only in mankind's darkest nightmares. Not anymore.

Praise for Ryan Lockwood's Below

"Nerve-Tingling Suspense." --Kevin O'Brien, New York Times bestselling author

"Absolutely Terrifying." --Marc Cameron, author of State of Emergency

About Ryan Lockwood:

Ryan Lockwood experienced many interesting outdoor jobs before writing his first novel, requiring him to assist with mountain lion capture, scrape barnacles off submerged boat hulls, fight Western wildfires, and measure storm runoff in the middle of the night. He holds degrees in technical journalism and environmental science, and has been employed as a biological research assistant, professional editor and public relations coordinator. When not writing, Lockwood scuba dives, climbs mountains, hunts to fill the freezer, and strives to become a better sailor. He currently lives in Colorado with his wife, two children, and assorted four-legged friends.

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