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The Lady Hellion: Wicked Deceptions

Joanna Shupe

ISBN 9781420135565
Publish Date 5/26/2015
Format ePub
Categories Historical, Zebra
List Price: $7.99

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A marquess's daughter, Lady Sophia Barnes doesn't take no for an answer. Especially when she's roaming London's seedy underground. . .dressed as a man.

A rabble rouser for justice, Sophie's latest mission is to fight for the rights of the poor, the wretched--and the employees at Madame Hartley's brothel. She's not concerned about the criminals who will cross her path, for Sophie has mastered the art of deception--including the art of wearing trousers. Now her fate is in her own hands, along with a loaded gun. All she needs is instruction on how to shoot it. But only one person can help her: Lord Quint, the man who broke her heart years ago. The man she won't let destroy her again. . .

The last thing Damien Beecham, Viscount Quint, needs is an intrusion on his privacy, especially from the beautiful, exasperating woman he's never stopped wanting. A woman with a perilously absurd request, no less! For Damien is fighting a battle of his own, one he wishes to keep hidden--along with his feelings for Lady Sophia. Yet that fight is as hopeless as stopping her outlandish plan. Soon all Quint knows for certain is that he will die trying to protect her. . .


About Joanna Shupe :

Award-winning author Joanna Shupe has always loved history, ever since she saw her first Schoolhouse Rock cartoon. While in college, Joanna read every romance she could get her hands on and soon started crafting her own racy historical novels. She now lives in New Jersey with her two spirited daughters and dashing husband. Please visit Joanna at or on Twitter @joannashupe.


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Fantastic writing, great intrigue and a wonderful romance blossoms all at the same time! (Tuesday, May 26, 2015)
Reviewer: The Ardent Reader

It's a fun romp for sure and very steamy!

The lady is indeed a hellion! But with good purpose and intentions. She is a hero to the lesser class "ladies." The women whom no one else is willing to help.
Lady Sophia Barnes is a very independent lady. She is headstrong and intelligent, which can be dangerous when mixed with carelessness.
Sophia is very good at deception, which is a plus where she must travel to investigate the problems she is asked to help with.
Her father has spoiled her most of her life and not seriously delved into her need for a husband, until now. He has given her an ultimatum that she does not believe. He tells her that she must find a match this season or he will do it for her. He already has someone in mind, but he will not tell her who the gentleman is. He fears she will try to run him off! She was once a very sought after lady, but she has refused any proposals. An unfortunate incident with a man she really loved has turned her from the marriage mart. She does not feel it is for her. The only other man that she would consider, will not consider her.

Damien Beecham, Viscount Quint is a friend of sorts to Lady Sophia. Unknown to him, she is responsible for saving his life after a bullet wound and his own stubbornness nearly kills him. Sophia comes and goes as she pleases most of the time. He is adamant at first that she not come back, but he can never be parted from her for long, he worries about her too much when she does not come around. Quint has his own issues to deal with! He believes he is losing touch with reality, just as his father did before his death. He has panic attacks if he tries to leave his house so he has become a recluse.
Sophia shares her secret with him that she has been investigating the disappearance of women in the brothels and she has been doing so as a Sir Stephen! Quint is beside himself with fear for her. He knows that there are people who are rightless when it comes to their "business" and will not look too kindly on "Sir Stephen" poking his nose into their affairs. He must protect her! But he can not get too close. She is the only woman he would ever consider to be his wife, but he is now losing his mind. He would not want to see her go through what his own mother survived with his father. He must put his feelings aside.

This novel is really a fun read. There are dark parts, as we see the fear of insanity in Quint and the fear for the unfortunate, missing woman that motivates Sophia. The household staff provides amusement for sure! They are loyal shines throughout the story!. The other players in the book are very complex characters and very well written. The scenery description is wonderful as well. A very well thought out story! I will definitely be looking for the next book!
*I received and advanced copy for my honest review*

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