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The Mother-of-the-Bride Book: Giving Your Daughter a Wonderful Wedding (Updated Editon)

Sharon Naylor

ISBN 9780806537658
Publish Date 4/28/2015
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Self Help, Citadel
List Price: $16.95

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Once the initial excitement of the announcement wears off, it’s time to get busy as you begin planning for the big day.

This invaluable guide is chock-full of the advice and ideas you need to help make your daughter’s wedding truly special. Whether the event will be traditional, non-traditional, or destination, this new updated edition covers everything from putting together a guest list and designing a seating chart to finding the perfect wedding dress, plus new trends in mom-hosted parties such as the engagement party, rehearsal dinner, and morning-after breakfast.

Also included are tips for staying within a budget, a guide to the latest etiquette rules for today’s wedding mom, reminders about all the countless details that can’t be overlooked, the biggest mistakes to avoid, top new apps to help keep you organized, essential social media smarts, ways to connect and bond with your daughter during this exciting (and sometimes stressful!) wedding-planning time, and more.

The Mother-of-the Bride Book is the resource you need to fulfill one of the most important roles of your life—and create memories that will last forever.

About Sharon Naylor:

Sharon Naylor is the author of over twenty wedding and honeymoon books, including Mother of the Groom, The Mother-of-the-Bride Book, and The Groom’s Guide. She has appeared recently as a wedding expert on Lifetime, Inside Edition, Fox 5 Live, and other national and international television and radio shows. She has written for Bridal Guide, Bride’s, Self, Health, Shape, and many other magazines, and she answers her readers’ wedding-planning questions personally through her website and on She lives in Madison, New Jersey, and is currently at work on her upcoming wedding books and journals. It’s Not My Wedding (But I’m in Charge) is her second novel.

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