Rayven's Keep

Kylie Wolfe

ISBN 9781616504632
Publish Date 6/3/2013
Format ePub
Categories Romance Science Fiction, Lyrical Press
List Price: $2.99

Drugs, murder, conspiracy, and a headstrong heiress complicate his covert security mission.

Tru Creighton wants her wealthy and powerful family to take her seriously. Sneaking away to investigate bookkeeping discrepancies from one of their holdings seems the perfect opportunity to prove her worth. Stranded on a hostile planet with a price on her head, she seizes her one opportunity for survival.

Nick Rayven, determined to build his reputation and fledgling security company, doesn’t flinch at difficult and dangerous missions. A former soldier and refugee from a war-demolished planet, he battles to create order and stifle his painful memories. His hard-won accomplishments are threatened when a spoiled heiress in danger awakens emotions he thought long gone.

Two people with plenty to prove risk everything to unravel their tangled missions. His sense of duty and vulnerable heart compel him to fight his growing attraction to her. Her heart demands she follow it straight into his arms. The people behind the conspiracy keeping them together and in harm’s way have other ideas.

CONTENT WARNING: Language and Violence

72,478 Words

About Kylie Wolfe:

Since she first discovered books, Kylie Wolfe has had a love affair with the written word. She freely admits to being a dreamer, first and foremost, and found it a natural progression from there to writing. Travel to other planets and conversations with sentient computers are all part of a normal day. She feels she has done her job well if a reader can feel the weightlessness of space, finds it normal to visit other planets and roots for the hero to win the girl. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest. You can email her at kyliewolfe1@gmail.com or visit her website at www.kyliewolfe.com.

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