Odonata: City of Night

Jessica Zellman

ISBN 9781616502294
Publish Date 2/7/2011
Format ePub
Categories Urban Fanatsy Paranormal, Lyrical Press

Vampires may think they are the ultimate predators…but they’re wrong.

Forty years ago, Katrina Templair forfeited her human life and became an Odonata, a creature that preys on vampires. Her world is black and white. Odonata are good. Vampires are bad. Humans…who cares about humans?

But everything changes when she rescues a human. Abbey Marquez believes Katrina can enjoy more than the bloodlust that comes from killing vampires. The opportunity to prove Abbey’s theory arises in the form of a vampire gang who takes the term “tourist trap” a little too literally.

Katrina will not allow humans to be bartered as food, but defeating the gang means facing her own inner demons and four decades worth of nightmares.

WARNING: This title contains strong language, sexual situations, nasty vampire on human violence and perfectly justified Odonata on vampire violence.

77,284 Words

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