Achievement Matters: Getting Your Child The Best Education Possible

Hugh B. Price

ISBN 9781617734571
Publish Date 5/27/2014
Format ePub
Categories Non Fiction Self Help , Kensington Ebooks
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“Inspiring stories, practical tips and expert advice.” —Ebony

“Inspiring stories and practical tips urge parents and caregivers to unlock their children's potential.” —Library Journal

“A much-needed resource that will enable parents to become partners in their children's academic success. Read it and tell others to read it.” —Marian Wright Edelman, Founder, Children's Defense Fund

There's a crisis in our classrooms. In school districts across the country, children of color earn sub-par test scores, and are frequently relegated to less challenging classes. Low achievement will doom our children to a future far beneath their capabilities—unless we do something about it. In this updated edition of Achievement Matters, Hugh B. Price, the former President of the National Urban League, shows you how to help your child succeed, and make America's public schools accountable.

A vital resource for parents and caregivers, here are practical tips for improving children's literacy and achievement levels while instilling a lifelong enthusiasm for education. Price explains how to make sure your child isn't missing out on essential courses, recommends proven techniques for cutting through bureaucracy to create an environment conducive to learning, and shares insightful personal stories.

From using the latest technology to providing after-school and summer programs to give our youth direction and keep them away from drugs and violence, this book offers real tools for making a powerful, positive impact and guiding your child to the brightest possible future.

“A noteworthy effort to improve parental involvement, student motivation, and institutional accountability.” —Kweisi Mfume, former President and CEO, NAACP

About Hugh B. Price:

Hugh B. Price is president and chief executive officer of the National Urban League, the nation's oldest and largest community-based organization devoted to empowering African Americans to enter the economic and social mainstream of America. A member of the Editorial Board of the New York Times from 1978–1982, he served six years as Senior Vice President of WNET/Thirteen, the nation's largest public television station, and in 1988, became a vice president of the Rockefeller Foundation. In this capacity, he was responsible for conceiving and funding major initiatives in education for high-risk youth, as well as increasing minority opportunity throughout the United States. A highly respected writer on many issues, Price's articles have appeared in such publications as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, Education Week, and the Chronicle of Higher Education. In addition to numerous appearances on such television shows as CNN's Crossfire, the Today Show, Meet The Press, the Newshour with Jim Lehrer, Charlie Rose, and many others, he broadcasts a syndicated weekly radio commentary, and his column, “To Be Equal,” can be found in African American newspapers nationwide. A sought-after lecturer who has delivered keynote speeches for the National Press Club, the Fortune 500 Forum, and other prestigious groups, Hugh Price also recently received the Distinguished Service Award from the Council of Chief State School Officers. He sits on numerous corporate boards and formerly served on the board of the Education Testing Service, which designs the SAT. He and his wife live in Westchester County, New York.

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