Wings of Love

Teresa Howard

ISBN 9781601831934
Publish Date 6/19/2014
Format ePub
Categories E-Classics, E-only, Kensington Ebooks, Romance Historical, E-Shortz
List Price: $2.99

He's An Angel Of A Man. . .

Dr. Gray Ingram isn't himself lately. Literally. His body has been taken over by John "A"--as in angel. A Civil War soldier, John has come back to earth on a rescue mission: to stop Dr. Charlotte "Charlie" Brooks from marrying a real devil. . .

She's A Hell Of A Woman. . .

Charlie cannot believe her dismal track record with men. But just when she decides to abandon romance, along comes Dr. Gray Ingram. He's so sinfully handsome, he's almost divine. And he's deliciously protective. Little does Charlie know Gray is protecting her from marrying an actual fallen angel--even if he must wed her himself. Can their marriage ever be more than a spiritual union? Anything is possible when two people fall in love. . .

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