Quake: 9.0

Jack Douglas

ISBN 9780786034604
Publish Date 6/17/2014
Format ePub
Categories Thriller/Suspense, Kensington Ebooks, E-only
List Price: $0.99

The Terror Is Just Beginning…

In the second shattering installment of Jack Douglas's six-part Quake, a handful of survivors rise from the ruins of a shattered New York City—and the real battle begins…

Caught in the chaos of the most massive earthquake in American history, Assistant U.S. Attorney Nick Dykstra is determined to reach his daughter in uptown and save her from the terrorist he tried to convinct. But along the way, he finds other survivors—some seriously wounded, others reeling in shock, all clinging to the hope their loved ones are alive. Hector Mendoza, a veteran FBI agent who worked with Nick on some of his toughest cases, is desperate to see his wife Jana, a nurse on the Upper West Side. But for Nick and Hector to reach their families, they must head north through a city now barely recognizable. They must cross the broken remains of lower Manhattan and enter a dangerous new world of desperate survivors, deranged minds, and deadly gangs running wild in a city where law and order no longer exist…

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