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Family of Lies

Mary Monroe

ISBN 9780758274748
Publish Date 5/27/2014
Format Hardcover
Categories Fiction, Dafina

New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe weaves a stunning portrait of a family immersed in deceit . . .and the women whose happiness depends on the secrets they keep. . .

After growing up poor in Texas, Vera Lomax used every gold-digging trick in the book to land a rich husband. Now living in the lap of luxury in San Francisco, her only job is to fawn over her much-older husband, so it's been easy for her to balance a life of shopping and affairs with younger men with a major secret: the sixteen-year bribery of one of her husband's mistresses to keep her pregnancy under wraps. Vera figures that a little hush money every month will ensure her husband's fortune is hers alone. . .

Unfortunately for Vera, Sarah Cooper is the child Kenneth Lomax always wanted. When the father she never knew shows up at her mother's funeral to claim her, it's a fairy tale journey from the ghetto to a mansion on a hill. But Sarah's life is not as carefree as her father wants it to be . . .because Sarah knows from the start that her step-mother is as two-faced as they come. And after losing all the family she's ever known, she wants a life that's richer than what Vera's got planned for her.

Neither woman can be sure who will win Kenneth's heart and fortune. But as Vera and Sarah scheme to get what they want, everyone they know will be choosing sides, taking chances, and gambling it all to come out on top. . .

Praise for the novels of Mary Monroe

"Once again, Monroe displays her gift as a marvel with this sensational novel." --RT Book Reviews on Lost Daughters

"Reminiscent of Zora Neale Hurston, but the story has a bizarre, violent edge a la Stephen King. . .a candid portrayal of the cold-blooded yet fascinating Mama Ruby." --Publishers Weekly on The Upper Room

"Monroe's style, like her characters, is no-holds-barred earthy. . .. Monroe's characters deal with their situations with a weary worldliness and fatalism that reveal their vulnerability as well as their flaws." --Booklist on Mama Ruby

"Another witty and wise installment to her God series. . .If this raunchy and rambunctious book is any indication, Monroe's series has a lot of life left in it." --Publishers Weekly on God Ain't Through Yet

"A fast-paced, sexy, tense story that will make readers think twice before getting tangled up in an affair." -- Booklist on God Ain't Blind

"Readers are left on edge. . .Monroe once again skillfully delivers a crafty story wrapped around a host of heartwarming characters battling everyday struggles and obstacles, even as she entertains readers with spurts of unexpected comedy and tragedy." --Library Journal on God Don't Play

"A highly satisfying page-turner--and one that will stand out." --Publishers Weekly on God Don't Like Ugly


1. Vera was a gold digger to the bone. Do you think women who set out to marry men for their money even know what true love is?

2. Kenneth was a wealthy man who used his money to buy his women’s affections. Do you think he got what he deserved by marrying a woman like Vera?

3. A lot of older women get involved in relationships with much younger men. Is this something you would consider doing? Would you do it out in the open or only behind closed doors?

4. If you were wealthy, would you spend money on a young lover as freely as Vera did? If so, why?

5. Do you think that if Bo had spent more time with Sarah, she would not have fallen in love with Curtis?

6. Sarah’s friends in the hood expected her to share her newfound wealth with them. She did just that for years until she realized they were using her. If you suddenly came into a lot of money, would you keep the same friends? If so, would you give them money every time they asked?

7. Vera spent Kenneth’s money like it was going out of style. If you had a chance to marry a very wealthy man, would you be as extravagant?

8. Kenneth was a smart man, but he was rather naïve when it came to Vera. When he found out she was having an affair with a man young enough to be her grandson, he was devastated. But since he’d had numerous affairs, did you feel sorry for him?

9. Tony, Andre, Ricky, and all the rest of the young men Vera had affairs with used her for her money. But Vera didn’t seem to mind. Would you get involved with a younger man knowing up front that he expected you to be his sugar mama?

10. Vera often warned Sarah that one of her “hood rat” friends might set her up to be kidnapped and held for ransom. Vera’s young lovers were somewhat thuggish. Do you think she should have been concerned about one of them setting her up too?

11. Sarah was willing to die to be with Curtis. Have you ever loved a man so much that you’d consider making such an extreme sacrifice?

12. Vera goaded Bo and Cash to kill Curtis. Did you think that they were going to get away with murder?

13. After all the plotting and planning to get the bulk of Kenneth’s money, Vera ended up with two dollars to her name and a twelve-year prison sentence. Do you think she got what she had coming or was her punishment too severe?

About Mary Monroe:

Mary Monroe, the daughter of sharecroppers, was born thirteen days before Christmas and always celebrates her birthday with a Christmas theme (once even dressed as an elf). She usually spends the holiday with family and friends feasting on elaborate meals, exchanging gifts, and trying to keep unruly pets from knocking over the Christmas tree. But even when this event is spent alone eating a take-out dinner and watching the same sentimental Christmas movies for the hundredth time, it is still the most special day in the year. Mary is the author of the award-winning and New York Times bestselling God series that includes God Don’t Like Ugly and God Don’t Make No Mistakes, among other novels. Winner of the AAMBC Maya Angelou Lifetime Achievement Award and the PEN/Oakland Josephine Miles Award, Mary Monroe currently lives in Oakland, California. She loves to hear from her readers via e-mail at Visit Mary’s website at

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