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Raiding With Morgan: A Novel of the Civil War

Jim R. Woolard

ISBN 9781617732683
Publish Date 4/29/2014
Format Hardcover
Categories Kensington, Western
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This is the legend of Morgan's Raiders--as it's never been told before. . .

In the summer of 1863, Brigadier-General John Hunt Morgan led two thousand Confederate soldiers across the Ohio River into southern Indiana. Pursued by fifteen thousand Union cavalry, infantry, and militia, Morgan's Raiders blazed a trail of destruction unparalleled in Civil War history. In forty-six days, they covered one thousand miles, destroyed thirty-four bridges, and captured six thousand enemy soldiers. But only a handful of Morgan's men would live to tell the tale. . .

Born in the heart of Kentucky, Ty Mattson never knew his parents. His mother died in childbirth while his father went off to fight in the Mexican War. For seventeen years, Ty never discovered why his father didn't return. But when he receives news that his father is alive--and he's joined the forces of General John Morgan--the boy leaves home to enlist with the Raiders, hoping to finally meet the father he never had.

Owen Mattson turns out to be everything Ty imagined he would be: a good man, a true mentor and a great soldier. But the bullets of a self-appointed Confederate assassin divide father and son yet again, leaving Ty near death. From the blood-soaked chaos of Morgan's devastating defeat at Buffington Island, to the care of an enemy nurse and the harsh brutality of a Union prison, Ty Mattson will do whatever it takes to fight and survive. For his father. For the love of a beautiful woman. For revenge.

Filled with military action and fascinating historical detail, Raiding with Morgan is award-winning author Jim R. Woolard at his page-turning best.

North to Glory

"We are bound for the Ohio in a bold bid to carry the war and its bloodletting and destruction into the enemy's lair. We will etch the terror and fright of our passage in the minds of every man, woman and child we encounter as well as those who hide in fear of us. The fame and glory garnered by our victories will shine forever in the hearts of our southern brethren and earn us the hatred of northern sympathizers. May the Lord ride with us."
--Journal of Lieutenant Clinton J. Hardesty, Morgan's Confederate Cavalry, 7 July, 1863.

About Jim R. Woolard:

Jim R.  Woolard is an acclaimed writer and historian. His fiction novels, including Cold Moon and Feathered Tide, portray life on the American frontier in all its harsh beauty and danger. His novel, Thunder in the Valley, was awarded the Medicine Pipe for best first novel and the Spur Award for best original paperback novel by the Western Writers of America.

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