Yesterday's Promise

Teresa Howard

ISBN 9781601831927
Publish Date 4/17/2014
Format ePub
Categories E-only, Kensington Ebooks, E-Classics, E-Shortz, Romance Historical
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A Passionate Vision

History professor Serena Brooks fears for her sanity. She has moved back into her ancestral Virginia home-only to be haunted by visions in which she is dressed like her great-grandmother... and being courted by a Confederate soldier. What's unsettling is how those long-ago images seem to feel more real each time she dreams them. . .

A Dream Come True

In a time of age-old chivalry, Serena is engaged to a handsome Confederate officer Captain Logan Sheridan. As the fires of Civil War consume the South, a burning passion ignites between them. But Serena feels there is too much distance between them. Worse, she could lose Logan forever...unless she can find a way to keep their love as timeless as forever. . .

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