The Downing of TWA Flight 800

James Sanders

ISBN 9780786034956
Publish Date 6/25/2013
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On July 17, 1996, minutes after take-off, TWA Flight 800 was blown out of the sky, killing all 230 people on board.

What happened?

It took federal investigators nearly a year and millions of tax dollars to point to a fuel tank explosion. But the investigation was riddled with questionable procedures. Was the government hiding a huge military embarrassment? Was the plane shot down by a missile?

The Indisputable Evidence. . .

Reddish residue from missile fuel on passenger seats
Clean entry and exit hole in forward cabin
34 certified eyewitnesses to airborne projectile not allowed to testify
FAA radar tapes or projectile in path with Flight 800
Government documents confirm Naval testing in area that night
And more!

Who launched the missile? How much did the government know and when? Was it simple bureaucratic incompetence or the most massive cover-up in U.S. history? Ex-cop turned acclaimed investigative reporter Jim Sanders exposed the shocking truth in 1997. Despite unremitting threats to his life, he has recovered even more evidence the FBI tried to suppress about the true history of TWA Flight 800.

Include explosive photos!

About James Sanders:

Jim Sanders, an investigative journalist, is a retired Seal Beach, California, police investigator who specialized in crash scene investigations and forensic investigations. He retired after an on-the-job injury. He became an investigator specializing specifically in missing US military personnel, POW/MIAs from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, and his research resulted in two co-authored books: Soldiers of Misfortune and The Men We Left Behind. Sanders was also part of the investigation into the savings and loan financial collapse in the 1980s and '90s. He was working on a third book when the crash of TWA Flight 800 completely changed his life.

Photo Credit: Liz Sanders

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