Shadow Warrior


ISBN 9780806535821
Publish Date 11/1/2009
Format ePub

Do virtually anything with almost nothing.

With riveting real-life examples and step-by-step instruction, this revelatory work from the renowned martial arts historian and practitioner Jotaro guides you through the principles of kochojutsu, the art of the butterfly: a specialized means of controlling your body and mind, your environment, and your foes to achieve your own ends. In plain language Jotaro renders the esoteric and technical aspects of spycraft, martial arts, psychology, and spirituality into practical actions you can apply immediately to every aspect of life

Reading this book and adhering to its precepts will allow you to:

Disappear: Become undetectable in any environment.

Read Minds: Know your enemies' thoughts and intentions before they do.

See the Future: Ensure that your "educated guesses" are never wrong.

Control Minds: From gentle suggestion to irresistible manipulation, bend others to your will.

Become Invincible: Guarantee that you never lose a fight.

Readers are cautioned to use the knowledge contained in these pages with humility and restraint.

(Caution: For Academic Study Only)

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