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Death Of A Coupon Clipper: A Hayley Powell Food & Cocktails Mystery

Lee Hollis

ISBN 9780758267399
Publish Date 7/2/2013
Format Paperback
Categories Kensington, Cozy
List Price: $7.99

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Hayley Powell, food and cocktails columnist for Bar Harbor's Island Times, is. . .well, kind of broke. So when she's selected for that extreme coupon-clipping reality game show coming to town. . .

. . . she's thrilled, especially when her competition is nasty nurse Candace Culpepper. But when Haley stumbles across a face-down-in-the-snow Candace--scissors gleaming between her shoulders--she knows the next thing she'll be selected for will probably be a police line-up.

Meanwhile, though Hayley's BFF Mona was only joking about "taking Candace out," Bruce Linney, the Island Times crime reporter, definitely isn't laughing. And what about the smarmy, cold-hearted host of the show, Drew Nickerson, who may have been having a steamy affair with the intentionally-iced nurse? Hayley needs to cut to the chase and find the killer. Everything may hinge on a stray coupon, but Hayley better keep her eyes on the real grand prize: staying out of permanent cold storage!

Includes seven delectable recipes from Hayley's kitchen!

Praise for Death of a Kitchen Diva

"Delicious and satisfying. Another course, please." --Carolyn Hart

"Readers will be calling for a second round from author Lee Hollis." --Leslie Meier, author of Chocolate Covered Murder

About Lee Hollis:

Lee Hollis is the pen name for a brother and sister writing team. Rick Copp is a veteran Hollywood writer/producer and also the author of three other mystery novel series under his own name and Lee Hollis. He lives in Palm Springs, CA. Holly Simason is an award-winning food and cocktails columnist who lives in North Carolina. You can follow them on Facebook (Lee Hollis), Twitter (@leehollisbooks) and Instagram (leehollisbooks).

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Customer Review

"You Can't Judge a Coupon by its Clipper" (Monday, June 10, 2013)
Reviewer: Nancy Narma

Happily, we rejoin Hayley Powell, the Food and Cocktail Columnist for the Bar Harbor Island Times Newspaper. Poor Hayley is financially strapped big time. Her furnace decides to give its last gasp in the middle of blizzard-like storms and below zero temps, making her ask her Brother, Randy for lodging for not only herself, but beloved Shih-Tzu, Leroy too! Then, the weight of piling snow causes the garage roof to collapse on her car, crushing it so Hayley has to hoof it to work and beyond. And this is just one day’s misfortunes! What’s a woman to do? She’s not going to plead for financial assistance from her “on again, off-again boyfriend” Lex Bansfield—and, she’s not asking her two BFFs, “Mother of Many” Mona and “Luxury-Minded” Liddy for a loan! So-o-o, being the resourceful, penny-pinching, coupon-clipping single Mother she is, when it is announced that the popular Reality Game Show, “Wild and Crazy Couponing” is coming to Bar Harbor to film an episode, Hayley jumps at the chance to be a contestant. The $10,000.00 prize money would be the answer to her problems. She’s excited until she learns who she’s going up against—cold-hearted and nasty Candace Culpepper!! Hayley is apprehensive, knowing Candace doesn’t like her and not knowing what the conniving, unscrupulous nurse may have up her sleeve. Complications arise when a body is found in the snow, and bumbling Police Officer Donnie takes an idle comment spoken in jest for gospel. Fingers are pointed and Hayley quickly gets her sleuthing cap on once again. You’ll feel Hayley’s soft-heartedness and chuckle over the trials and piddle-ations with “Blueberry”. The Author has generously included several economical dish recipes and well as directions for Hayley’s Cocktail concoctions. I’ve enjoyed the other two Hayley Powell Mysteries (“Death of a Kitchen Diva” and “Death of a Country-Fried Redneck”, and this one was no exception. All you cozy-lovers, make room on your bookshelf for this fast and easy reader. I can’t wait to see what adventures Hayley gets involved in next—as a matter of fact, the Author has also included a “Snippet” of “Death of a Chocoholic” for us to savor in the interim. Nancy Narma

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