The Perfect Scream

James Andrus

ISBN 9780786032143
Publish Date 2/5/2013
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks
List Price: $7.99

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Sooner Or Later

The deaths are gruesome, unrelated accidents—at first glance. But as the body count rises, the terrifying truth becomes clear. It’s not bad luck that’s stalking the members of the Tau Upsilon fraternity. It’s something far worse—a calculating, elusive predator who won’t stop until all the guilty have paid in blood.

Your Luck

Still reeling from the news that his missing daughter, Jeanie, is alive, Detective John Stallings has little interest in finding a fraternity brat who’s gone AWOL. Until he discovers Jeanie’s connection to the case—and sees a grisly pattern in the recent spate of deaths.

Will Run Out
Justice won’t be enough. Now the killer has a taste for others’ pain, and the cunning to hide in plain sight. The only way Stallings can end this nightmare is to track down the next target before the screaming begins again…

Praise For The Novels Of James Andrus

The Perfect Prey

“Engaging…Andrus Brings Authenticity To The Police Procedural Details.” —Publishers Weekly

The Perfect Woman

“This Book Moves With Deadly Speed And The Assured Hand Of A Writer Who Knows His Stuff.” –Michael Connelly

“An Insider’s View Of How A True Police Investigation Unfolds. It’s As Close A Look At Police Work As You Can Get.” –Elmore Leonard

“One Of The Best Cop Novels To Come Along In Years.” --Jeffery Deaver

About James Andrus:

James Andrus is a career law enforcement officer who still works major investigations. He has been involved in real serial crime cases, which formed the basis for some of this novel. He has been featured on network news shows and been recognized for his law enforcement achievements. Andrus lives in the Southeast United States with his family, dividing his time between police work and writing.

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