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Get Over It: A Fab Life Novel #6

Nikki Carter

ISBN 9780758272713
Publish Date 5/28/2013
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Fiction, KTeen Dafina, Young Adult
List Price: $9.95

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The bigger the dreams, the bigger the drama…

With major industry success and a year of college under her belt, Sunday Tolliver is ready to take her singer-songwriter talents to the next level. But new opportunities also mean totally unexpected drama.  Her flirtationship with hot video star DeShawn is turning into much more—but the unfinished business between her and ex-boyfriend Sam won’t go away. An explosive campus hazing scandal puts her friends up against a powerful sorority—and Sunday’s skills on the line. And reluctantly helping her jealous cousin Dreya save her record deal is a major diva face-off that could end both their careers. Now Sunday will have to take mad risks and trust everything she’s learned to stay true to her fab life—and herself.

“This series is poised to ‘blow up’.” --Kirkus

 “Plenty of reality show-type drama.” --RT Book Reviews on Doing My Own Thing

Discussion Questions

1. This book is full of romance! What do you think about Sunday’s love triangle? Did she make the right choice? Were you Team DeShawn or Team Sam?

2. Do you think Dreya is too young to be married or is this the right move for her?

3. Sunday’s friend dynamics are interesting. Would you give Bethany another chance after everything she’s done?

4. Were you surprised to learn about Kevin’s crush? Should he pursue it or should he keep searching for his one true love?

5. Do you think Sunday has truly made the right decision for her life? Do you think she’ll change her mind or regret her decision? Why or why not?

About Nikki Carter:

Nikki Carter has been a book-lover since she was in elementary school. Her favorite stories are fun, fresh, and full of drama. When she's not writing, Nikki enjoys reading, shopping, and hanging out by the pool. Nikki lives and loves in Dallas, Texas.

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Get Over it (Tuesday, April 30, 2013)
Reviewer: jbarr

Get Over It by Nikki Carter
I should've probably read the other 5 in this series, but I really liked the story line and cover.
Seems I stepped into a book where there are others in the series? There are a bunch of characters like from another previous book because they are not introduced in this one-like I should know who they are.
Drugs, overdoses, team DeShawn or Team Sam voting, twitter feeds, publicity shots, pregnancies, marriages to stay in the music business and the making/breaking of a music artist and a bit of drama is what this
book is about to me. I can't figure out, today, who's with who and I hope they've made the right choices for their life. And a sorority house that is cheering for a music artist. The next book in the series, Time to Shine has a sample chapter included.

I received this book from Kennsington Books in exchange for my honest opinion.

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