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Antiques Chop: A Trash 'n' Treasures Mystery

Barbara Allan

ISBN 9780758263629
Publish Date 4/30/2013
Format Hardcover
Categories Kensington, Cozy
List Price: $24.00

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The quaint Midwestern town of Serenity is about to hit the small screen. Brandy Borne and her dramatically ditzy mother, Vivian, will be starring in Antique Sleuths, a reality TV show based on the duo’s antiquarian adventures—and their troubling talent for solving deadly crimes. What better shooting set than a creepy old house, the site of a 60-year-old unsolved axe murder?

The location is perfect until Bruce Spring, the show’s producer, meets a fatal axe-ident, mortally mauled just like the home’s previous owner.  The first suspect on the chopping block seems typecast for the role of killer—he was found at the scene of the attack, clutching a stained axe. But as Brandy and Vivian chop around for clues, plenty of other suspects stick out their necks…

It seems the show’s cameraman clashed with Bruce—could he be the culprit? What about the acrimony between Andrew, the harried homeowner, and Bruce, whose dirt-digging documentary all but accused Andrew of the original unsolved crime? And who’s driving that blood-red Toyota that keeps making unscripted cameo appearances? If Brandy and Vivian are going to get to the bottom of this mystery, they’ll have to be extra careful not to wind up on the cutting room floor—in pieces!

Don’t miss Brandy Borne’s tips on antiques!

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About Barbara Allan:

Barbara Allan is the joint pseudonym of acclaimed short story writer Barbara Collins (Too Many Tomcats) and her husband, New York Times bestselling novelist and Mystery Writers of America Grandmaster Max Allan Collins (Road to Perdition). Their previous collaborations have included one son, a short story collection, and eleven novels. They live in Iowa in a house filled with trash and treasures. Learn more about them at and at

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“Chop, Chop—Who’s There??” (Thursday, May 30, 2013)
Reviewer: Nancy Narma

I’m so glad to wander back to Serenity, Iowa and be re-acquainted with Brandy Borne and her super-sleuthing Mother/Grandmother Vivian. (Oops! Can’t leave out Brandy’s beloved blind Shih Tzu, Sushi!) The Author provides us with some history of a murder which happened locally in the 1950’s and was the theme of a documentary, much to some dismay. Brandy always has a lot “on her plate”, thanks to Viv’s never-ending adventures, so when ex-husband, Roger arrives frantic and frazzled looking for their 13 yr. old son, Jake, who has run away, Brandy panics as well. She discovers their son nonchalantly chatting with Grandma in the dining room. Roger agrees to let Jake stay for a week—provided there is no sleuthing! We all know this is like asking the sun not to rise! So when a renowned producer approaches Vivian and Brandy about being the hosts of a reality show, Jake sides with Grandma and Brandy reluctantly agrees, knowing she has to keep an eye on both of them. The first item on the list (besides the name for the show—“Antiques Sleuths”) is to find a prime location—and “The Murder House” seems to be an ideal fit. Vivian talks old friends into letting them use it and all seems to be going well—until…. You guessed it—a horrific murder occurs there, springing Vivian into her sleuthing action with Brandy by her side. Vivian never ceases to amaze me with her antics, and you’ll love the passage where she’s hypnotized! The Author has gifted us with another easy, enjoyable cozy and I want to extend my thanks for two items that have also been included—a list of characters and a map of Serenity, both great additions. I recommend you add this to your TBR list and I’m already looking forward to going back to Serenity in the future.
Nancy Narma

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