The Brambleberry Bride

Hayley Ann Solomon

ISBN 9781601830531
Publish Date 1/17/2013
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks, E-Classics, E-only, Romance Regency
List Price: $1.99

Left heartbroken at his wedding altar, Viscount Waverly has decided it is up to his brother, Captain Bertram Ralston, to carry on the family name, and he believes Anastasia Richmond will make the perfect bride. But upon arrival at the Richmond estate, Bertram is smitten by a woman he soon learns is not the woman he was intended to wed. Now caught in a tangled web, Bertram finds himself in a most unsatisfactory situation…or is it?

Previously published in His Bride to Be

About Hayley Ann Solomon:

Hayley Solomon lives in the beautiful river city of Wanganui on the North Island of New Zealand together with her three adorable sons—Raoul, Raphael and Rhaz—and the love of her life, husband Clive. Her home is filled with music—from the lilting strains of Vivaldi and Bach, to the virtuoso violin performances of 'twinkle twinkle little star' by her five year old son.She spends many nights star and planet gazing—the southern skies are heavenly—and enjoys reading, camping and learning classical guitar.

At present, Hayley is working on her sixth historical romance, two of which are to be published this year: 'Seducing Lord Sinclair' in June and 'Madrigals and Mistletoe' in December. Romance, humour and high jinx are central to all of her work. In 'Viscount Victorious', these elements are achieved by a rakish highway man, a wager, several rogues, and an intriguing heroine.... Her address is 57 Exeter Crescent, Wanganui, New Zealand

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