Silent Stalker

C.E. Lawrence

ISBN 9780786032419
Publish Date 9/25/2012
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks, E-only, Thriller/Suspense, E-Shortz
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He likes killing. But he knows he must be patient, like an actor preparing for a role. He must cast the part of the victim. Stage the scene of the crime. Find the motivation to kill. Then, with blade in hand, he must make it real. So real, it hurts…


NYPD profiler Lee Campbell arrives to find the victim lying in the lobby of her building. In a pool of blood. Wearing a white mask. When he learns the girl was an actress, he follows the trail to an off-Broadway theater where she was rehearsing for a play. But Campbell suspects the killer was rehearsing, too—for another murder—because one of the victim’s co-stars has just received a warning: “You’re next.”

Praise for the Thrillers of C. E. Lawrence

“Pulse-racing, compelling, first-rate.” —John Lutz

“Startlingly suspenseful…an extraordinary page-turner.” —Cody Mcfadyen

“Fascinating characters. . . . a great story." —J. T. Ellison"

About C.E. Lawrence:

C. E. Lawrence is the byline of a New York-based suspense writer, performer, and prize-winning playwright whose books have been praised as “lively…” (Publishers Weekly); “constantly absorbing…” (starred Kirkus Review); and “superbly crafted prose” (Boston Herald). Born in Nurnberg, Germany, to American parents, Lawrence is a former member of the legendary improvisational company First Amendment, who toured Chicago City Limits before joining the New York cast. Lawrence has written award-winning plays and musicals which have been produced around the world and is a member of Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers. Lawrence's published works include eight novels, six novellas and numerous short stories and poems.

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