A Rag-mannered Rogue

Hayley A. Solomon

ISBN 9781420131840
Publish Date 5/18/2012
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks, Romance Regency
List Price: $2.99

In The Game Of Love…

Resourceful, intrepid, but nonetheless a lady, Miss Theresa Hampstead is spoiling for adventure…and about to stumble upon it. Having set out—alone—for London to investigate the state of her pending inheritance, Tessie soon finds herself stranded at a roadside inn, where she is denied a room—until a well-heeled, but decidedly arrogant stranger secures her accommodation. Far from feeling gracious, however, Tessie is infuriated at the man’s brusqueness…and intrigued when she spies him creeping stealthily from his room for a midnight rendezvous…

…Turnabout Is Fair Play

Romance is most certainly not on Lord Nicholas Cathgar’s agenda when he comes to the aid of lovely but vexatious Theresa Hampstead. His secret mission to foil a group of anarchists brings him to a meeting spot near the inn where, as he fights a losing battle with the bloodthirsty gang, he is rescued by none other than a certain spirited female—who happens to be a crack shot! To his chagrin, Nicholas now owes the lady his life, as well as the forty guineas that were pilfered from her room. He insists on escorting her to London, and presents her with a debt of honor. It’s a debt he’d gladly repay with his heart—if the captivating Tessie would accept his hand…

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