Voices From The Other Side: Dark Dreams II

Brandon Massey

ISBN 9780758278647
Publish Date 10/2/2012
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks, AA Thriller/Suspense
List Price: $4.99

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From the untamed wilderness of ancient times to the concrete jungles of today, these sixteen excursions into nightmares will keep you awake long past the midnight hour—and praying for daylight…

Beyond The Shadows…

…they linger, showing themselves only to those brave enough to perceive them…willing to see beyond human existence and into the heart of darkness. Feel the racing pulse in the primal desire of werewolves. Embrace the aura of two gifted women as they unleash power beyond imagining. Savor the aroma of otherworldly flora planted in a unique patch of earth.

They Walk The Night…

…prepared to face terrors humans were never meant to confront. Chant with an African mystic as he protects his people from an entity of unbridled malice. Ride the dusty trails of the Old West in pursuit of monstrous legends. Sail on a ship of damned souls as it languishes in the depths of forbidden waters.

Linda Addison

L.A. Banks

Anthony Beal

Michael Boatman

Maurice Broaddus Chesya Burke

Patricia E. Canterbury

Christopher Chambers

Eric Jerome Dickey B. Gordon Doyle

Tananarive Due

Brian Egeston

Rickey Windell George

L.R. Giles Brandon Massey

Lawana Holland-Moore

Terence Taylor

About Brandon Massey:

Brandon Massey was born June 9, 1973 in Waukegan, Illinois. Originally self-published, Thunderland, his first novel, won the 2000 Gold Pen Award for Best Thriller from the Black Writers Alliance. Brandon currently lives in Atlanta, where he is at work on his next suspense thriller.

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