Popped Off

Jeffrey Allen

ISBN 9780758279668
Publish Date 9/4/2012
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks, Mystery
List Price: $3.99

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For stay-at-home dad Deuce Winters, the cutthroat world of suburban kiddie sports leagues is unavoidable. In his small town of Rose Petal, Texas, Moises Huber is known as the King of Soccer. But it seems the king may have fallen from his throne when he disappears—along with $73,000 of the Rose Petal Youth Soccer Association’s registration fees. Deuce calls foul and begins a bizarre search that leads him to a high-stakes gambling ring, a band of shrewd smugglers, and one heckuva Texas-sized mega church. As he closes in on the truth, Deuce has only one goal in mind: stay on the ball and out of the penalty zone before his opponent can make a killer pass—and still have dinner ready on time…

“Laugh-out-loud funny. A terrific read!” —Laura Levine on Stay at Home Dead

About Jeffrey Allen:

Jeffrey Allen is a recovering stay at home dad who now teaches high school English and coaches basketball. A graduate of the University of California, Irvine, he currently lives with his daughter in the suburbs of Dallas, TX.

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Excellent 2nd Novel (Friday, November 16, 2012)
Reviewer: StaceyP

“Popped Off” is a follow up to the first novel in this series, which I have not yet read. However, I totally enjoyed this novel and look forward to reading the first in this series. Deuce Winters is a SAHD that works on the side as a PI. The witty sense of humor that Allen uses had me turning the pages and keeping up with the story. I enjoyed the banter between Deuce and his business partner Victor, the love he showed for his daughter and wife, and the frustration he had with his retired parents and FaceBook. All in all, it is a great, easy ready!

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