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Dark Masques

J.N. Williamson

ISBN 9780786031849
Publish Date 11/6/2012
Format Paperback
Categories Thriller/Suspense, Pinnacle, Horror
List Price: $7.99

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Look Behind The Masques—If You Dare…

Enter a shadowy realm where nothing—and no one—is as it appears. A place hidden from view, nestled in the darkest recesses of your mind, awaiting the perfect moment to reveal itself—only to scare you blind. In this collection of unforgettable horror stories, discover the terrifying truth as told by today’s greatest masters of the macabre—classic twisted tales that will reach out from the past and draw you into the depths of their darkness.

Prepare to enter a nightmarish reality in which seeing is disbelieving, your eyes can deceive you…and DARK MASQUES conceal the ultimate in terror….

“A superior collecton.”—Publishers Weekly

“Terrifying!”—Los Angeles Times

“Definitely worthwhile!”—Locus

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