The Perfect Death

James Andrus

ISBN 9780786030156
Publish Date 2/7/2012
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks, Thriller/Suspense
List Price: $3.99

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Through him, they’ll live forever. His creation will be a testament to their perfection—and to his skill. Each victim has a rare innocence, worthy of being immortalized in his macabre work of art. A beauty worth killing for…


Detective John Stallings can’t avoid getting drawn into his latest investigation. The parallels between the Jacksonville girl who just disappeared and his long-vanished daughter make every discovery a potential clue in his own painful mystery. Then one by one, bodies are discovered—all young women, strangled to fulfill a madman’s obsession…


What began as a missing persons case has become a desperate race to find and stop Stallings’ most ruthless adversary yet. And the closer he gets to the answers, the more there is to fear—from a killer whose bloodlust is growing by the day, and a truth too terrifying to face…

Praise For James Andrus And The Perfect Woman

“This book moves with deadly speed and the assured hand of a writer who knows his stuff.” --Michael Connelly

“An insider’s view of how a true police investigation unfolds. It’s as close a look at police work as you can get.” –Elmore Leonard

“One of the best cop novels to come along in years.” --Jeffery Deaver

About James Andrus:

James Andrus is a career law enforcement officer who still works major investigations. He has been involved in real serial crime cases, which formed the basis for some of this novel. He has been featured on network news shows and been recognized for his law enforcement achievements. Andrus lives in the Southeast United States with his family, dividing his time between police work and writing.

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Customer Review

Be careful who you talk to... (Wednesday, February 15, 2012)
Reviewer: Book Faerie

It all began as a missing person's case. John Stallings always took a personal interest in this type of case because he has a missing daughter. He wasn't prepared to find the missing person was a victim of homicide, though.

This is a very good police procedural novel that makes the characters human. One cop is separated and doesn't want to get divorced, one is too dependent on legal drugs, one wants to solve a big case and get a promotion, the sergeant is looking for love, and they have a serial killer on their hands. Most of them are working too many hours. No matter how many questions they ask, they are not getting closer to their killer. And more women are going missing.

The killer has a very unusual motive, which makes him harder to find. He also is very elusive in his actions because he wants to make his goal, to have everything perfect.

This is a fast paced story with lots of action in different parts of the cop's lives, the killer's lives, and the victim's lives. You won't be bored and you will most likely be surprised by ending. You might know who the killer is, but Stallings will still surprise you.

Why not get a copy and see if you enjoy this book as much as I did? The author is a career law enforcement officer and it shows in his writing.

Happy reading.

Great thriller (Saturday, December 31, 2011)
Reviewer: marianne

Lucky to get an ARC of this book, I continue to be in love with the author and the fast paced police procedural that he writes, this is the third in the series and it keeps probing deeper into the lives of the detectives and keeps you wanting more. I will be looking forward to the fourth book. This one showcases another serial killer with an odd fetish, a quick moving and interesting storyline.

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