Stolen Ecstasy

Hannah Howell

ISBN 9781420124255
Publish Date 5/1/2011
Format ePub
Categories Romance Historical

In one night Leanne Summers has lost her home, her every possession, and learned that everything she’s ever believed is a lie. So when she witnesses a bank robbery in progress, she doesn’t think of the consequences. She steals a gun, barges in—and finds herself being held captive within minutes.

The moment Hunter Walsh locks eyes on Leanne, he knows he should leave her behind. The desire he feels for her is a distraction he doesn’t need. But abandoning a brave, impulsive woman is turning out to be much harder than it should be. For even the most ruthless outlaw can’t ignore an irresistible temptation...

“The superbly talented Howell never disappoints.” —Romantic Times

“The laughter mingles with the tears in any story from the talented pen of Hannah Howell. If you haven’t read her before, start now!” —Affair de Coeur

About Hannah Howell:

Hannah D. Howell is a highly regarded and prolific romance writer. Since Amber Flame, her first historical romance, was released in February 1988, she has published 25 novels and short stories, with more on the way. Her writing has been repeatedly recognized for its excellence and has "made Waldenbooks Romance Bestseller list a time or two" as well as was nominated twice by Romantic Times for Best Medieval Romance (Promised Passion and Elfking's Lady). She has also won Romantic Times' Best British Isles Historical Romance for Beauty and the Beast; and, in 1991-92 she received Romantic Times' Career Achievement Award for Historical Storyteller of the Year.

Hannah was born and raised in Massachusetts (the maternal side of her family has been there since the 1630's). She has been married to her husband Stephen for 28 years, who she met in England while visiting relatives, and decided to import him. They have two sons Samuel, 27, and Keir, 24. She is addicted to crocheting, reads and plays piano, attempts to garden, and collects things like dolls, faerie and cat figurines, and music boxes. She also seems to collect cats, as she now has four of them, Clousseau, Banshee, Spooky, and Oliver Cromwell.

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Reviewer: AprilR

RATING: 4.5)STOLEN ECSTASY by Hannah Howell is an exciting historical romance set in 1870 Colorado. It is written with depth and details,The characters are enchanting,engaging, and will capture your heart as you read what they live.This is a fast paced,action packed, full of adventure with plenty of sensual tension,murder,witty banter,a little romance, mayhem,
a bank robbery,getting justice,sweet sensual scenes,correcting a wrong,and finding love. Leanne is beautiful,innocent,brave, impulsive,and learns that nothing is what she thought.She is throw out on the street by who she thought was her mother and walks right into a bank robbery in progress. For which she steals a gun from the so called sheriff,who is only watching not helping....in finds herself kidnapped and held captive by the robbers. Hunter,a handsome,sexy,supposingly bank robber,he knows they should not take Leanne with them as their captive,but he can't resist. Leanne is a temptation that Hunter could do without,for she is a distraction to his purpose,finding justice and setting things to right.But he can't abandon her and so begins the temptation and lust between them.This is a must read historical that will not disappoint it's readers. From the first page to the last,you will be on the edge of yor seat with anticipation.

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