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Drama High: So, So Hood #14

L. Divine

ISBN 9780758231192
Publish Date 5/31/2011
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Young Adult, KTeen Dafina
List Price: $9.95

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For Jayd Jackson, a new school takes the drama to a new level…

With her senior year just beginning, Jayd’s drama is going nowhere anytime soon. Although she’s graduated to the next level with her powers, she’s also going head-to-head with her former best friend, Misty. Jayd’s also got to deal with the aftermath of the debutante ball, her boyfriend’s cheating, and her ex-boyfriend/best guy friend Rah’s continuing baby mama drama. Luckily, when her crew gets to be too much, Jayd can turn to her new crush Keenan, a UCLA first draft football pick, for a time out. Jayd’s got to keep a cool head now more than ever because there’s a new enemy waiting to pounce if she lets down her guard ...

About L. Divine:

L. Divine holds a Master’s in African American Studies and Educational Psychology from UCLA, and served as a visiting scholar at UCLA’s Center for the Study of Women. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her daughter and son.

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Tv show (Monday, July 18, 2011)
Reviewer: Joan

I use to hate read about teens. Until I read all your books. I just read the first chapter and I know I will love it. We started reading when she was in her 3rd year of high school and now her last yr of high school. She grew up with us When I read it's like it's playin my head. I wish it was a show. I can play Jayd. I love how family history she learns is what we go through for real. This should a show on BET

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