The Perfect Prey

James Andrus

ISBN 9780786027866
Publish Date 1/1/2011
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks, Thriller/Suspense
List Price: $5.99

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A True Hunter Knows. . .

Spring break in Jacksonville, Florida. Pretty girls are everywhere--in the bars and dance clubs, on the beaches. None of them suspect the hot guy they're flirting with isn't what he seems. Because spring break is also hunting season. And it's time for the killing to begin. . .

The Perfect Time...

Detective John Stallings is still raw from his last case, with a high profile and a failed marriage to show for it. All he needs is another serial killer. But while the methods differ, the string of blond, blue-eyed victims points to one thing: a psychopath with a terrifying agenda.

To Strike...

There's no shortage of clues, but the target is clever, elusive, and ruthless. At this very moment, he's singling out the next innocent young thing who'll die for his pleasure. And soon Stallings will face a choice between the law he's trained to enforce, and his own need for vengeance. . .

Praise For James Andrus And The Perfect Woman

"This book moves with deadly speed and the assured hand of a writer who knows his stuff." --Michael Connelly

"An insider's view of how a true police investigation unfolds. It's as close a look at police work as you can get." –Elmore Leonard

"One of the best cop novels to come along in years." --Jeffery Deaver

About James Andrus:

James Andrus is a career law enforcement officer who still works major investigations. He has been involved in real serial crime cases, which formed the basis for some of this novel. He has been featured on network news shows and been recognized for his law enforcement achievements. Andrus lives in the Southeast United States with his family, dividing his time between police work and writing.

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Great new thriller (Monday, January 24, 2011)
Reviewer: marianne

This is the first time I have read anything by this author (it is only his second book I believe) and it was superb. This is the kind of thriller/mystery I love to read, a serial killer, a story that keeps you guessing and a terrific ending. I have already ordered the first book in what appears to be a series or at least a related book with the same detectives. It is written much like Brian Freeman's thrillers with short chapters like James Patterson. One of the best mysteries I have read in a while, I highly recommend this one.

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