Rebel: The Blades of the Rose

Zoe Archer

ISBN 9781420119824
Publish Date 11/1/2010
Format ePub
Categories Fantasy/Para, Kensington Ebooks
List Price: $3.99

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On the Canadian frontier in 1875, nature is a harsh mistress. But the supernatural can really do you in. . .

A Lone Wolf

Nathan Lesperance is used to being different. He's the first Native attorney in Vancouver, and welcome neither with white society nor his sometime tribe. Not to mention the powerful wildness he's always felt inside him, too dangerous to set free. Then he met Astrid Bramfield and saw his like within her piercing eyes. Now, unless she helps him through the harsh terrain and the harsher unknowns of his true abilities, it could very well get him killed. . .

And The Woman Who Left The Pack

Astrid has traveled this path before. Once she was a Blade of the Rose, protecting the world's magic from unscrupulous men, with her husband by her side. But she's loved and lost, and as a world-class frontierswoman, she knows all about survival. Nathan's searing gaze and long, lean muscles mean nothing but trouble. Yet something has ignited a forgotten flame inside her: a burning need for adventure, for life--and perhaps even for love. . .

Praise for The Blades of the Rose

"Crackles with adventure, a rich sense of place, and terrific characterization."--Mary Jo Putney on Warrior

"The action explodes on page one and the pace never lets up. You're gonna love The Blades of the Rose."--Ann Aguirre, national bestselling author of Hell Fire on Rebel

About Zoe Archer:

Zoë Archer is an award-winning and Rita-nominated romance author who thinks there’s nothing sexier than a man in tall boots and a waistcoat. As a child, she never dreamed about being the rescued princess, but wanted to kick butt right beside the hero. She now applies her master’s degrees in Literature and Fiction to creating heroes in tall boots and butt-kicking heroines. Zoë and her husband, fellow romance author Nico Rosso, live in Los Angeles.

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An Unforgettable Hero & Heroine! (Friday, November 5, 2010)
Reviewer: Amy Lignor

The Blades of the Rose series, over time, has truly given readers some of the most unforgettable heroes and heroines that exist in literature, and this new novel is no exception.

This time it’s the heroine that will blow you away. Astrid was a Blade of the Rose and spent her existence protecting and shielding the magic of the world from cheating, vile men (the evil Heirs of Albion, to be exact) who wished to steal the power. Although fantastic at her responsibilities, Astrid did have a rough time, heart-wise, having loved and lost. She even removed herself from the Blades when her poor husband died in a horrific battle with the Heirs over five years ago. Since his death, her heart feels as bitterly cold as the harsh Canadian frontier that surrounds her. She never speaks with her family anymore and has chosen to live a lonely and desolate life. However, when a man named Nathan Lesperance appears in her world, things begin to change for the tough, independent woman who had thought she’d seen it all.

Nathan Lesperance is what most people refer to as a Lone Wolf. He’s an outcast to some, which doesn’t exactly upset him. He’s the very first Native attorney in Vancouver, causing neither white society nor tribe society to accept him at all. Growing up with a white family after being taken from his birth home, Nathan has never really fit in anywhere. When he finds himself standing in front of Astrid Bramfield – sent to find her in order to complete some legal business – he can almost sense that she has a sprit much like his own.

The instant connection between the two reverberates off the pages. The reader can see – at the same time as Astrid does – that a certain unidentifiable magic surrounds Nathan, and that he is completely unaware of the strange power that seems to follow him wherever he goes.

Nathan soon finds himself longing for the open spaces…adventure fills his heart and soul and he finds himself desperate to explore the mountains and cliffs that loom in the distance. He soon gets his wish when The Heirs of Albion appear in search of Astrid. They need the woman’s help with a new very powerful object that they’ve acquired. Nathan can feel the fear inside him grow as he practically kidnaps Astrid in order to save her, and runs for the treacherous landscape that he’s been dying to experience.

Not only is this a book filled with adventure but, as always, the romance is beautifully written. The heroine, as I stated before, is strong, independent, spiritual, smart, and a perfect match for the daring, handsome hero. Action and passion at its finest! Enjoy!

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