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Susan Andersen

ISBN 9781420117158
Publish Date 8/3/2010
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra, Thriller/Suspense, Suspense
List Price: $7.99

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Once He’s Found You

Another full moon, another victim. All month he’s been waiting, his fury building day by day until he’s forced to unleash it, relishing his prey’s terror. Then he feels purged, clean, calm. Until it begins again…

He Will Never

Ivy Pennington has seen her share of horrors as an E.R. doctor. Nothing compares to the young woman wheeled in, barely alive, with a broken heart carved into her chest. And the detective assigned to the case, Vincent D’Ambruzzi, is proving an expert at getting under Ivy’s skin. But more unsettling still are the flowers, notes, and phone calls she’s starting to receive…

Let You Go

Somehow, Ivy has become a madman’s obsession. Everything he does is for her, every move draws her deeper into his web. And when the moon is full, he’ll show her just how far he’ll go to make her his…

Praise for the novels of Susan Andersen

“A consistently excellent voice in romantic suspense fiction, Susan Andersen keeps on delivering captivating and thrilling novels of dangerous love and dark suspense.” --Romantic Times on Exposure

“A winner.” --Publishers Weekly on Bending the Rules

About Susan Andersen:

New York Times bestselling author Susan Andersen is the author of over ten novels and lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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