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A Sticky Situation

Kiki Swinson

ISBN 9780758238924
Publish Date 5/4/2010
Format Paperback
Categories Dafina, Fiction
List Price: $6.99

Maxine Shaw is headed for trouble when she finds herself caught between lust and the law…

Sexy, straight shooter Maxine Shaw is a federal parole officer, but she strays from the rules when she hooks up with seriously fine parolee Seth Richardson. Maxine’s even willing to look the other way on Seth’s drug dealing ’cause he’s letting her use some of his money to start her business. But when Seth’s former ride-or-die chick Samantha returns home after doing time, Maxine discovers that two women fighting over one man is a real sticky situation…

Praise For Kiki Swinson And Her Novels

“Kiki Swinson is unstoppable…Kiki always delivers a sizzling read.” —Essence® bestselling author Crystal Lacey Winslow

“After reading The Candy Shop, all I could say was scandalous!” —K’wan, bestselling author of Gutter and Still Hood

About Kiki Swinson:

Kiki Swinson is the nationally bestselling author of over forty novels and short stories. Swinson’s works feature resilient women making tough—and sometimes not quite legal—decisions to survive. Her novels, inspired by her experiences and a five year stint in federal prison, have sold over 2.4 million copies. She completed her first novel while incarcerated and her second novel, Wifey, went on to become a #1 Essence bestseller and the first installment in one of today’s most popular urban series. A native of Portsmouth, Virginia—and a former hustler’s wife—Swinson resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Visit her online at

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