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Death Trap

M. William Phelps

ISBN 9780786021994
Publish Date 3/2/2010
Format Paperback
Categories Pinnacle, True Crime
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Trap Them And Kill Them…

A loving father and his new wife set out to pick up his kids for a scheduled weekend visit—but never suspected they were walking into a death trap.

Drag Them And Burn Them…

A handwritten note instructed Alan and Terra Bates to enter the back door of his ex-wife’s Alabama home. A day later their charred bodies were found hundreds of miles away, wrapped in blankets, in a burned-out car’s trunk on a desolate Georgia road.

Two Victims. Four Bullets Each.

At Jessica McCord’s house, law enforcement found windows covered in blankets, a cache of weapons and ammunition, carpets torn up, new tile on the floors—a couch gone. Then they learned about the nasty divorce and bitter custody battle that had landed Jessica in jail. Upon release, Jessica swore, “Somebody is going to pay.” With her new police-officer husband, Jessica became the prime suspect in this brutal double murder…

“M. William Phelps’ true tales of murderers and mayhem are scary-as-hell thrill rides.” —Douglas Clegg

“One of our most engaging crime journalists.” —Katherine Ramsland

“One of America’s finest true-crime writers.” —Vincent Bugliosi

Includes 16 Pages Of Exclusive Photos

About M. William Phelps:

New York Times bestselling investigative journalist and serial crime expert M. William Phelps is the author of thirty-four nonfiction books. He has made over 200 television appearances. Phelps created, produced and starred in the series Dark Minds and is one of the stars of Deadly Women and Oxygen’s Snapped, Killer Couples and KillerPost. Radio America calls him “the nation’s leading authority on the mind of the female murderer.” Touched by tragedy himself through the unsolved murder of his sister-in-law, Phelps is able to enter the hearts and minds of his subjects like no one else. He lives in a Connecticut farming community and can be reached at his website,

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