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Sinners Never Sleep

Leigh McKnight

ISBN 9781599830650
Publish Date 10/6/2009
Format Paperback
Categories Urban Soul
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The fast pace of the big city is taking its toll on successful New York playwright, Rayanne. On top of that, her fiancé is once again claiming he’s too busy to set a wedding date.

Rayanne yearns for the simplicity of the South, but it’s a family tragedy that finally brings her home again. Her parents have passed away, and she must return to South Carolina to settle their estate. To complicate matters, her brother is depressed, and Rayanne is now taking care of his daughter.

Stressed and exhausted, Rayanne is grateful when she runs into an old beau. Scott proves to be more than a shoulder to lean on—he wants Rayanne back. Does she dare to stay in Sumter and pursue the tenderness and safety waiting in Scott’s arms, or will she return to New York and demand her fiancé’s attention?

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