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The Way We Roll: A Beta Gamma Pi Novel Book 2

Stephanie Perry Moore

ISBN 9780758234438
Publish Date 4/28/2009
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Young Adult, KTeen Dafina
List Price: $9.95

Pledging wasn't in Malloy Murray's plans, but it might be exactly what she needs...

Malloy Murray has never had any close girlfriends, so she wasn't really feeling the whole "sorority" thing, but Malloy has to pledge?her mother, the National President of Beta Gamma Pi, is counting on it. After meeting some of the sisters at a party, the idea of becoming a Beta isn't actually so bad. And when Malloy runs into Kade, the guy she's been crushing on, things heat up fast, especially when Sharon—a Beta sister and Kade's girlfriend—vows to do everything to keep Malloy away from Kade and out of the sorority. Now to survive the school year, Malloy’s got to look deep into her heart to find the real meaning of sisterhood.

Discussion Questions

1. Malloy Murray does not want to pledge a sorority. Do you think her mother, the National President of a sorority, understands why? Why do you feel some people are against being in sororities and fraternities?

2. Malloy is mad at her mom and seeks comfort in Kade, a guy she barely knows. Do you feel Malloy got what she deserved when she found out she went too far too fast with this young man? What are healthy ways to deal with your discouragement?

3. Malloy longs to please her mother, so she attends the rush for Beta Gamma Pi. Do you think it was a good decision for her to give Beta Gamma Pi a try? Have you ever stepped outside your comfort zone and bettered yourself because of it?

4. Malloy finds two friends, Loni and Torian. How are the girls alike, and in what ways are they different? What types of qualities do you look for in your friends, and what attributes do you bring to a friendship?

5. When Malloy, Loni and Torian decide not to participate in hazing from the big sisters, their line sisters want to haze them. Do you feel it was right or wrong of Malloy to walk away from the intense drama? What are healthier ways for new friends to come together?

6. When Kade wants another chance at a relationship with Malloy, she is torn. Do you think Malloy makes the right decision by giving Kade another try? What is a good foundation to start a relationship with?

7. Malloy’s car and apartment are broken into. Do you think Malloy was justified to think Sharon, her Beta soror and Kade’s ex-girlfriend, was the one behind it all? What does the concept “innocent until proven guilty” mean?

8. Because of severe hazing, there is a devastating accident. Though Malloy wasn’t a part of the craziness, do you think she was right in sticking by her sorors through the trial? How can you help a person forgive himself or herself?

9. Malloy’s next-door neighbor turns out to be the one stalking her. Do you think Malloy should have known the next-door neighbor was up to something? What are things to look for to make sure no one misrepresents himself or herself to you?

10. Malloy and her sisters learn lessons from a hard year. Do you think disaster can bring people together? After you make it through hard times as a group, what are things you can learn that will keep the bond tight?

About Stephanie Perry Moore:

Stephanie Perry Moore is the author of the Perry Skky Jr., Yasmin Peace, Payton Skky, Laurel Shadrach, Carmen Browne, and the Faith Thomas Novelzine™ series. She also has written four adult titles, including her newest release, Wearing My Halo Tilted. Currently, she is an Executive Producer of Georgia Sky, a DVD series from Tyler Perry’s 34th Street Films based on her previous works. She lives in the greater Atlanta area with her husband, Derrick, and their three children.

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